Switchboard - Find Phone Numbers and Search Businesses Find businesses and people in Switchboard white and yellow pages directory. Many times it happens that when you shift to some other location, your current carrier starts facing issues like weak signals, carrier coverage spectrum and more. Have you ever experienced a slow wireless connection and wanted to throw your phone against the wall?
The app is first of its kind and claims to provide something, which may serve some best solutions when it comes to the choice of the best carrier based on a location.

If interested, you can grab the¬†CarrierCompare¬†right from the App Store available for absolutely free. Thinking about switching carriers but not sure who’s the best for you at home, in the office, and around town?
However, it is still not known that how the app works and how it retrieves the information and provides with the comparisons.
This app is named as CarrierCompare, as the name suggests, it let the users compare different carriers for a particular location so as to check out which carriers provide with strong signal power and area coverage at some specific place.

This app is best when you need to switch over to some other carrier and looking for the best carrier.

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