The family home is the biggest single investment most people will make, so a little curiosity is understandable. In an economy seemingly obsessed with the minutiae of real estate, from booms to bubbles and everything in between, is it rude to ask how much someone’s house cost? Anna Musson, an etiquette expert from The Good Manners Company, says it’s best to tread carefully when discussing anything to do with finance.
This could involve approaching the conversation with peripheral questions about the property market and recent trends in the area. Real estate agent Braden Walters says homeowners who think they paid too much are often the most reluctant to reveal their purchase price. Walters, a director of the Real Estate Institute of NSW, says agents have access to sale price databases, so usually know the answer without having to ask prospective clients the question. Musson warns people can feel their privacy has been invaded when friends look up their information online, even when the details are in public domain. It's hard to know whether to take Naipaul's declaration seriously, since in real life we so rarely encounter a piece of writing that'scompletely missing external clues, such as a book jacket, author photo, orbyline.

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With nearly 480,000 homes sold in Australia last year according to Domain Group data, more than a little curiosity is understandable. It just means the terminally nosy might need to employ more subtle lines of enquiry (see sample questions below). In cases where the property hasn’t yet settled, the agent can usually reveal the sale price.
If there's no reason to hide your desire to know somebody's name, sending a polite email is likely to get the result you want, especially if you've already had friendly contact with the person before. If it's a custom domain, however, visit the website associated with it and try to determine whether it is a personal website for the owner of the email address. If that's the case, his name might be somewhere on the website, such as on a page listing contact details or in the copyright information. Unless the person you're curious about chose to keep his details private when he registered the domain, his name will be listed in the results.

If the person you're curious about used that address to register for a Facebook account, it'll appear in the search results. Create a new email address for yourself using a free email service and send the person you're curious about an email. Greet him using a random name, drop some true and some inaccurate facts in the message and hope he responds with the correct information.
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