26-year-old Sarah Maguire had a little too many drinks the night before and found out that morning her iPhone was missing in action, according to a New York Times report.
She phoned the authorities, who told her and her roommate that they could go to West Covina to track the iPhones down. After looking for hours, Schmidgall and Torkelson were able to trace the iPhone to a man riding a bike. During the early morning hours in August 2012 in San Francisco, two men held up a pedestrian, demanding the person’s iPhone. Unfortunately for 52-year-old Carl Ippolito, things didn’t go as well as he had hoped. Through OkCupid, Nirenberg, as Jennifer, had flirtatious conversations with the thief, eventually arranging for an in-person meeting.
Step 3:  On the iCloud screen, scroll down where you see Find My Phone slider,  move it to ON. Now if you have lost your iPhone or just want to try to Find My Phone service, then follow these steps. So, this was about how you can set up Find My Phone service and use it to find your iPhone.
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Every GSM phone, be it a basic, dirt-cheap handset or a pricey, powerful smartphone, has its own International Mobile Equipment Identity number, commonly known as IMEI. Probably the quickest way of finding your iPhone's IMEI is by typing the aforementioned code, *#06#, into your dialer.
Alternatively, you may find the IMEI displayed in iTunes, on the iPhone information screen. As with other GSM phones, you can find your IMEI by opening your dialer and typing *#06# using the keypad. If your phone has a removable battery, chances are that its IMEI number is printed on the label found inside of the battery compartment. Also, wouldn't "the quickest way" (as explained in #1 by dialing a number you have to look up then going into your text) be turning over the phone and using your human eyes to read it lol? April 4, 2014 By Vanessa Barker 39 Comments Have you ever needed to find a lost iPhone but it’s on silent, leaving you at a loss on what to do?
I am sure I’m not the only one who loses their cell phone on a regular basis…right? You will get a ping sounding from your phone along with a find my phone alert displayed on your screen. The message will appear on the screen of your phone, and give the finder an option to call you at your selected contact number. Now, nobody has any excuse for loosing their iPhone for longer than 5 minutes again….even with crazy mom brain!

Now, if they just had this sort of feature to help me find my 7 year olds missing ipod…. I hate to be a spoilsport, but you could be risking breast cancer if you keep your phone in your bra.
They searched Theater 9, which was where the app told them was the iPhone, and while the search turned up nothing, one of the cleaning services employees confessed. When his iPhone was reportedly stolen at a reggae concert on December 20, 2012, he added vigilante to his resume, reports The Blaze. Police officers caught wind of the theft and used Find My iPhone to locate the stolen iPhone.
While the officers were in pursuit, one of the suspects turned toward one of the officers with his hand concealed close to his body. Officers tracked down the iPhone to a car with a person sitting inside and another person hiding in the trunk. Ippolito later discovered that his iPhone was located in the snack shack at the baseball field where he was umpiring a game. The thief even arrived with a bottle of wine that he probably drank by himself later than night. It all ended peacefully.
On your screen, the map will show you the last known location of your Stolen or lost iPhone. This is usually a string of 15 or 16 digits, and carriers use it to identify the devices registered on their networks.
If you open Google Dashboard and log in, you'll get all kinds of information associated with your account, including the devices you're logged on. Sometimes its my crazy mom brain that just can’t remember the last place I put it down. I read your comments on my phone the night you left them, and my husband and I were loving them!!
Maguire did what anyone else with a stolen iPhone would do: use the Find My iPhone app on her computer. After debating for hours, Maguire decided to go to West Covina and go to the thief’s house. The police and the girls discovered that the iPhone wasn’t in either Theater 8, where Curtiss lost her phone, or in Theater 9. With his friend, Greg Torkelson, Schmidgall used Find My iPhone to track down his iPhone and, hopefully, the thief.
A fight erupted, with both Schmidgall and the thief fighting until Torkelson used pepper spray in order to make a citizen’s arrest. A move like that won’t be taken lightly by the police, with the officer responding in kind by firing at the suspect. Officers found not just the stolen iPhone, but other stolen property and two replica firearms.

Ippolito eventually confronted 27-year-old Brent Johnson, the man believed to be the thief, and Ippolito grabbed Johnson’s shirt, pulled him to the ground, and punched his head and body. Instead of tracking his iPhone using the app, Nirenberg did what any comedian would be proud of doing: posed as a fake woman named Jennifer. As such, you could be walking into a very dangerous situation that could even claim your life without the help of authorities. You can also use Find My Phone to delete remotely or Lock entire data on your iPhone and can prevent any unauthorized access to your device.
The map will show you the current location of the device if it is on if it is switched off then it will show you the last known location. Being unique and hard to modify, the IMEI can also be used to blacklist stolen phones from a given network.
I’ve left it on shelves while shopping at Walmart and other stores where it gets sat down to look through a stack of jeans, etc. She discovered that her, as well as her roommate’s, iPhones were in West Covina, California, a good 30 miles away from her West Hollywood apartment. Anderson downloaded Find My iPhone, and within moments, they saw that Curtiss’ iPhone was moving across the image of the theater. The police then found the address of the registration of the car, which led to two more suspects slapped by the mighty hand of justice. Now if you have already lost your iPhone, and you have set up Find My Phone service before it was stolen, then there is a good chance that you can get your iPhone back. In some cases, the number can even be used to track down a certain device in order to return it to its rightful owner.But how do you find a phone's IMEI number anyway? And so many of the times the phone is on silent, so calling it wouldn’t help me find it. I think the worse is when I’ve forgotten it in a shopping cart that I put in the cart coral in the parking lot! Else if, you have bought a new iPhone or have not set up Find My Phone then the below guide will help you to Set up and Use Find My Phone to Find your Stolen or Lost iPhone.
Well, there's a number of ways to do that a€“ by entering a special code using the device's keypad or Phone app, by digging in the handset's settings, or by checking the details stored on your user account, to give a few examples. These and other methods of finding a phone's IMEI number are described in the slideshows below.
I turned off all the lights and walked around the house with my husband’s phone, calling it and looking for the light of the screen!

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