Here x, y and z are magnitudes along x, y and z axis and i^, J^ and k^ are indicating the directions along x, y and z- axis. There are some interesting pointers in these three graphs that will likely help you understand how kinematics relate to mathematics.
Before going through all the mathematics, however, it is easier to understand if you know the definitions of each of the terms. Chris Barnes (8 PBA titles) and Chris Paul (NBA Rookie of the year 2006) on the finish position; also features Kim Terrell.
Pick up some bowling tips and tricks to improve your game, whether you are a beginner or a competitive bowler in a bowling league. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Bear in mind that the following is only an approximation, it should be accurate especially when you the mouse gets closer to the point, but as you are looking at the mouse position you may not be directly on a point on your curve. But keep in mind that that will look for the nearest curve and the index of the nearest point within that curve.
Thanks a lot NominSim, I've tried both the methods,but nothings suits my need, I need get the exact data points not the approximates.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged c# graph zedgraph discretization or ask your own question. What are the differences between these three "shapes" of the same variety of asparagus? Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, hip-distance apart.
Exhale as you tilt your pelvis in the opposite direction, lifting your lower spine off the floor. When you're on your back in your neutral spine position, imagine that you are balancing a cup of water (or hot coffee) on your lower belly, a few inches below your belly button. Maintaining a neutral spine position will help reduce any fatigue or tension when performing certain moves. The apex (the uppermost portion) of the curve in your lower back should be even with your belly button.
The two areas that should not touch your mat are your neck (cervical spine) and your lower back (lumbar spine).
You can also practice finding your neutral spine position by standing with your back against a wall, or even while sitting in a chair.
Holding your spine in a neutral position is an important technique required to perform Pilates correctly.
The farthest star we can see with our naked eye is V762 Cas in Cassiopeia at 16,308 light-years away.
The Andromeda Galaxy is similar to our Milky Way in size and structure; both are spiral galaxies containing several hundreds of billions of stars.
To find the Andromeda Galaxy, start with the familiar W of Cassiopeia, now high in the northeastern sky around 9 o'clock. If you lived on a planet revolving around a star in Andromeda, the sky would be filled with stars just like it is at home. The Milky Way and Andromeda are the two largest galaxies in a ragtag assemblage of more than 30 called the Local Group. I think the fact that our distance to the sun 93,000,000 miles divided by the speed of light 186,000 miles per second equals 500 seconds. V762 Cas is 6th magnitude, so it would be easy to see in binoculars but you’d need a dark, moonless sky to see with the naked eye. I’ve heard that the most distant star in the Milky Way is some 160,000 light years from Earth. I’ve also read that our Universe is approximately 13.7 Billion years old and yet the distance to the most distant detectable objects, (via telescope) is about 46 billion (46,000,000,000) light-years away?

I was just wondering whether you had some other source for the larger estimate based on a spectral type or something?
In other words, all those quantities which have a particular direction along with some magnitude are called as vector quantities.
For instance i^, j^ and k^ are unit vectors along x, y and z- axis of Cartesian coordinate system respectively. No one I know enjoys doing math as much as, lets say, lying in the sun, but it is the core of physical science and if it weren't for math the value of science would be far less. It also assumes that your CurveItem Curve has points, and that they are evenly distributed. In order to use Method-2, I have to place the mouse position over curve item, which is good for single curve.
Since you are using your mouse position, you're going to be close to the point, but not exactly on it, so there will have to be some manipulation of the index you obtain to get a more accurate result. Whether you're standing in line at the coffee shop, sitting on the bus, or lying down after a long day, tuck and tilt your pelvis a few times to find your balancing point. We need it, because with all that distance between us and Andromeda, the scenes described above are reduced to little more than a wisp of cloud below Cassiopeia.
When you succeed in finding the Andromeda Galaxy, consider how deep you’re looking into space. The time it takes for light to travel here is great, yet to us on earth light travels faster than anything. And if the sun is ever snuffed out, we’d be clueless for those 500 seconds until the last ray of sunshine reached us. I was wondering how i would explain this concept to my son and i think i will use your prose. I then got to thinking what is the furthest thing you can see with the naked-eye within our galaxy. It might be visible from your town if the light pollution’s not bad, since Cassiopeia is currently high in the sky. The closest star is Proxima Centauri (4.24 light years), a member of the Alpha Centauri triple system. I got my figure of 16,308 light years from previously published online science articles and discussion groups.
Notice though the significant uncertainty, so to be honest, we don’t know the exact distance to this star. Bayer’s original list included only 1,564 stars, only a fraction of the stars visible to magnitude +6.
First remember that position, velocity and acceleration are related by means of differentiation and intergration. The image above is an illustration of how we can relate position, velocity and acceleration mathematically. The three spinal curves are the cervical (neck), thoracic (mid-back), and the lumbar (low back) regions of the spine. This works the back muscles and the abdominal muscles simultaneously, which strengthens your entire core.
Maintaining a neutral spine can help prevent any back pain caused by misalignment and it will power up your Pilates practice!
While that seems remote, we can delve much deeper, but we’ll need to leave the realm of stars and move outward to galaxies beyond the Milky Way to do so. Through a telescope, you’d be able to look at entirely different nebulas and star clusters scattered across the alien sky.
On an even broader scale, the Local Group is a small piece of a vastly larger supercluster of galaxies centered in the constellation Virgo 60 million light years away.
Meaning that the light we see from the sun must have been somewhat old bcuz of the time it takes from the sun to earth to travel i wrong??!!

There are a lot of similar brightness stars near V762, so you’d need a good star chart to identify it. The Milky Way has around 100 million stellar-mass black holes and one monster supermassive black hole at its center.
For most of us, the most distant object visible with the naked eye is indeed the Andromeda Galaxy. Looking back now, I see those figures still out there, but I also came across a parallax measurement made with the Hipparcos satellite.
It’s far away, but it could be considerably closer than 15,000 light years or go the other way and turn out to be even farther! Matter of fact, the Hipparcos estimate which I shared with you on the previous comment could put the star even farther than what was written up in the blog. Another vector is called as Position vector which can be defined as a vector that goes from reference to position of the particle. When I look at the image above I tend to scan the three graphs for one that I understand instantly. When these three curves are naturally aligned, your spine is in its strongest position, whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down. You can maintain neutral spine position in exercises performed on your back, but also in those requiring you to stand, sit, or be on your hands and knees. You can also see two other fuzzy spots - those are satellite or companion galaxies of Andromeda. Even better, if you were located in the thick disk of the galaxy as the sun and planets are in the Milky Way, you could look up and see a ribbon of hazy light cutting across the sky – the Andromeda Way. I’d be pleased if you could give some instruction on how to view V762 Cas in Cassiopeia?
My article briefly mentioned Andromeda as the most distant object but focused on the most distant STAR visible with the naked eye. If we want to find the position of a particle or Point then position vector is used for determining the position. You will use these tools many times during your time here at school so it is important to get good at them quickly to make things easier for you in the future.
Take note that when you're performing moves on your back with both legs raised, such as the Hundreds [link], your spine should not be in neutral position. When we gaze at Alpha, the light we see left it 4.4 years ago and traveled across a chasm of space 25 trillion miles wide before finally reaching our eye.
While its contours would vary, it would bear an uncanny resemblance to how the Milky Way looks from a dark sky on Earth.
All those stars, planets and nebulas blend together to form an unresolved haze even in larger telescopes. With a little imagination, you can play time traveler and picture how Earth and life may have looked so long ago.
Your comment has got me thinking about doing a map and short piece on V762 for an upcoming blog. While that distance may seem enormous, it’s close as far as galaxies go, plus Andromeda is large and packs a bounty of stars. I live in a small city so there’s a bit of light pollution, would that cause issues in viewing V762? Now, to move from the velocity graph to the position graph the same sort of reasoning can be applied. So to determine the position, approximately, by treating the velocity as a constant over each, one second, interval we sum the distance travelled after each second.

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