I could  not understand why the server would not appear in HP RDP the server is perfectly functioning but HP RDP just would not show it and therefor I could not image it.
The model number and serial numbers are listed on identification labels located on the inside of the print cartridge access door. The model number and serial number are listed on an identification label located underneath the top door. It’s always difficult to find the model number and serial number of branded Computers like HP, Acer, Lenovo etc.

1.Open Command prompt, and type wmic bios get serialnumber to retrieve the serial number of PC. Is there an easy way to access HP printer serial number in the terminal on Linux or Unix-like system? Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.
How do I find the model, product, and serial number on my HP printer using bash command line options?

But do you know with two simple DOS commands we can able to retrieve any branded computer’s serial and model number, here is how.

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