W-2 Wage and Tax Statements are out for 2013, and you may be wondering what all those numbers really mean.
First, the lettered blocks: There, you should find your Social Security Number and unit information.
This box lists a wide variety of important figures with codes next to them for identification. Code E represents traditional TSP contributions made with income earned in combat zone tax exclusion areas. My smart accounting-type friend recommends that you check these numbers against your records, as sometimes they are wrong.
In most cases, you are correct: Box 3 (Social Security Wages) should equal Box 1 (taxable wages) plus any non-taxable income. I’d check with your finance office, it could have to do with a number of things, for example if you were in a combat zone for a portion, if part of your compensation package includes non taxable benefits, if they front paid you 5k of this years salary last year etc. My husband’s Social Security wages are less than the total because a some of his pay this year was a bonus.
Tax Preparer, if I am understanding your question correctly, it sounds like your software is out of date. James, I have absolutely no knowledge about DoD civilian health care benefits and how it applies to taxes.
Why is the block 12 code D amount on my W2 different than the amounts on my annual TSP statement? Brendan, did you spend any time in a Combat Zone Tax Exempt (CZTE) area, or were any of your TSP contributions to a Roth TSP? Brendan, I’ve noticed that the LES and W-2 report contributions based on when they are deducted but the TSP statements report based on when the transaction is completed. Social security ran a $39 billion deficit in 2014, Social security: $39 billion deficit in 2014, insolvent by 2035.
Social security board trustees: change projected, You are exiting the social security administration's website. Social security, Social security office of the chief actuary may 29, 2015 the honorable ted deutch united states house of representatives washington, d.c. Social security cola increase estimates 2016, I’ questions anticipated 2016 cost living adjustment ( cola increase) social security recipients.. No social security cost living (cola) 2016, "social security expect pay cost--living adjustment, cola, beneficiaries 2016 inflation high justify .
As a government employee who was on the cusp of a potential shutdown, I spent some time the past few days thinking about the budget conundrum, marveling at the fact that a relative few members of our population remained embattled over government spending up to a point where they threatened the livelihood of a much greater percentage of Americans.  Even worse, personal agendas interfered with the resolution process, which made me want to cater the lunches for these discussions and serve nothing but knuckle sandwiches.

After the switchover has been completed we can systematically euthanize the DMV workers and put them out of their misery…or give them jobs at the post office.  Their choice.  Ha ha!  We’re gonna need more pills! What?  Is that also too far?  Is the idea of a live studio audience chanting in unison, “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOUR MONEY” while pointing and laughing at an emotionally broken human not hilarious?  Maybe YOU’d like to move to Montana. What is even scarier than the numbers shown at the link is the laundry list of divisive comments.
Cost-of-living adjustment (cola) information, Law does not provide for a social security cost-of-living adjustment for americans will not automatically increase in cost-of-living adjustments. 2015 social security cola increase update, Updated estimates 2015 social security cost living adjustment (cola increase). Maybe Bruce Gradkowski has a menu attached to that clipboard he carries on the sidelines as the backup quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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The AA will have a number next to it that designates the tax year for which the contributions were made.
You may elect to use this amount for inclusion in calculations for certain tax credits such as the Earned Income Credit.
Denney, military W-2s can be accessed via the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) MyPay Website.
The bonus was taxable for federal and state taxes but not for Social Security and Medicare. Why is there no corresponding 2014 in the Tax Program which will allow me to enter the code 14?

For example, my husband’s December 2014 TSP deduction was not processed until Jan 2, so it was not included on the 2014 annual statement. President, just send me a signed presidential pardon with the “offense” section left blank. Think about the people who don’t have computers.  Children, really really old people, hermits, and rednecks.  Do you really want them driving? A show of this nature will undoubtedly score huge numbers of sadistic fans and concerned relatives alike.  The immense viewership will lead to pricey advertising slots likely to be bought up by E-Trade, Charles Schwab and other money management firms.  Double bonus for the government, seeing as how the “prize money” is already supplied, and thus all advertising revenue is pure profit, baby! It contains an open dining room with mix of square tables and longer, rustic "social" tables. The beef is so tender and pairs nicely with mushroom sherry cream sauce, cremini mushrooms, and pappardelle noodles. The salmon is a nice touch, but there isn't enough of it to not get overpowered by the strong flavors of the toppings. It's served with chunky mashed potatoes made rich with goat cheese and the vegetable of the day, which was roasted brussels sprouts.
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