21 st Century Courtship It is becoming more common for individuals to initiate some kind of arrangement and enlist the help of others to find potential partners for them Ex. Stages of Marriage 1)Relationships are romantic, warm and respectful, focusing on exploration, sexual attraction and the idealization of the partner.
Stages of Marriage 3)Couples compromise and negotiate a relationship that meets their needs as well as possible.
Individuals build self-esteem as they try to develop the relationship that suits their life structure. This results in instability in the relationship and requires both partners to change their behaviours.

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Striking up a conversation and finding out about her is a great way to ensure that you can get her phone number later. Everything you learn in this first meeting will help you out after you get her phone number.
This moment is a good chance to talk about something striking you saw in her to let her know she stood out in a crowd to you.
Let her know you're interested in what she has to say and make a few jokes to show your sense of humor.

After telling her you want to see her again, smile and ask if you can call her and maybe go out sometime. If you make the effort to get to know someone and she responds, respect him or her enough to call. When you follow through, you show people that your word is your bond, increasing their respect for you.

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