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Contact the employer’s human resources department and request the Federal Tax ID Number.
For months and years, they keep waiting for the refund status, but they have no idea when they will get their money back.
If you have filed income tax return asking for your tax refund, and you have no clue about the current status, the first thing you do is track it’s status online.
If you are not able to do much and you feel that just finding out online status is not helping you and you want to now get 100% clarity about your tax refund status, the next step is to file RTI application against income tax department.
These above mentioned 5 things if asked in RTI, will be enough to move the earth below the concerned authorities feet and they might act faster on your case, because in most of the cases there are no valid reasons for delay. There are few well known mistakes people do while filing returns, because of which income tax refund delays happen. A lot of salaried people who live on rent, give their present temporary addresses while claiming tax refund, and when after 1-2 years their tax refund cheque arrives, in many cases the person has moved out of the current location.
There has been cases where the account number given was inaccurate by 1-2 digits or the IFSC code was wrong, and that created the problem. As far as possible, try to file your income tax returns online  and apply for tax refund, because the tax refund is much faster if e-filing was done. If you have been waiting for your tax refund from years, its the time to file a RTI application for it and find out why your income tax refund has been delayed for so long.

Thank you for the helpful article.Can you help me understand if I can file a First Appeal if the information I asked to be provided in my RTI application provided is not complete . When I try the Refund Reissue Request, it still says that there is no refund failure, and it does not allow me to enter Refund Reissue Request options. 20 terms which will Super Charge your Real Estate knowledge !Buying Health Insurance in India? Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is nine-digit number used as a tracking number by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax purposes. Any registered trading organization needing Inter-State transportation of goods, needs to go for a registration with the Central Government Agency.
Have you filed your Income tax return long back, but have no idea when will you get your tax fund ? Ideally they should get it back in few months, but in many cases they wait for as long as 3-4 yrs. We have earlier seen how one can use RTI to find EPF withdrawal or transfer status and how their issues were solved within weeks and months of filing a RTI against EPFO. The delay is created just because of lethargy and at times in expectation that someone will visit them and bribe them to process the request!. This small thing can result in lot of frustration later, so double-triple check these details. In case you are filing offline manually, make sure you fill form 30, contact your CA if you want to delegate this totally to someone else! Any idea where i can get information about the person to address my RTI query in Chennai Tamilnadu ?

It is also known as Employer Identification Number (EIN) which is used to identify employer’s tax accounts (small business taxes). In this article, we will see how you can find out your income tax refund status online and how you can use RTI application to find out the status of your tax refund and speed up the process of getting it back. Note that only the concerned person can file the RTI, no one else on his behalf can file it. So make sure you always give the permanent address where you or your family lives and there is almost no chances of cheque returning back. Tax Identification numbers TINs are identification numbers used by the Internal Revenue Service IRS . They file a income tax return where they claim back their income tax refund, but have no idea what happens to their cases after that!. There are many kinds of TINs, including Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs). There are many kinds of .Obtain Your Tax ID Number, Licenses, DBA LLC and OR Incorporation, Here, Online! Out of these TINs, the Employer Identification Number (EIN) is the most usual TIN associated with a business.

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