All employees, including student employees, may deposit their pay to one or more checking, savings, or money market accounts through Direct Deposit.
The Employee Pay Selection Form is required regardless of the pay option selected, see "Forms" section at right. You will receive an e-mail notification telling you when the direct deposit will become effective.
If you have concerns about submitting information electronically, you may contact the Payroll Office at 202-885-3520 to discuss alternatives. You will receive an e-mail notification telling you when the direct deposit change will become effective.
Your place is now reserved with us, but we cannot confirm your booking until we receive your payment.
Make the bank transfer to our bank account, you will need our bank sort code, account number and your booking reference number. Every mobile phone in the world has built-in IMEI number and you can see that IMEI number on your device by dialing *#06#.
Today in this post we let you know how you can find the IMEI number of your android device in your Google account, yes this post is only for the Android mobile users. First visit this Google dashboard link on your PC and login with your Google account, same account hat you are using on your lost android device. In Android Section you can see the list of all android device which you are using with your current Google account.

Please help me to locate my phone that has been stolen last September 30, 2015…I know the IMEI but how can I search it? We have been going paperless as part of our on-going effort to implement sustainable practices. To ensure your change takes effect in the next pay period, check and follow the deadlines listed in the Payroll Schedule.
Click on the a€?Change Direct Deposita€? button on the right side of the page and follow the instructions.
Simply go to the AU portal, follow the instructions above and you will receive an e-mail notification telling you when the direct deposit will become effective.
You can have your paycheck deposited directly into more than one account (such as a checking and a savings account).
IMEI number is very useful in so many way, with the help of this number you can locate your lost mobile phone.
With this simple trick you can fin your lost Android mobile IMEI number on your Google account. After the login you can see the detail of your Google account such as your profile, contacts, gmail and other services which you are using on Google services. In the list find the android phone which you looking for and here you can see the IMEI number of that device with registered date and name of the model.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

Follow the directions to sign up, and continue through until you receive the message that your information has been submitted to the Payroll Office. You should report it to your operator or police by telling them your device IMEI number, this will help them to track the usage if your device. Once you get the IMEI number of your device you can report that number to the police or your carrier operator to block the phone and track the device. So in this post we show you how you can recover your lost android IMEI number from your Google account. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). If the Sim number is change on your device than it can also be track with he the Help of IMEI number. So note down your IMEI number in some safe place for future use, if you lost your Android mobile phone and don’t have the IMEI number with you than you can check that number on your Mobile box, or on your mobile bill.

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