Sometimes you'll need to provide your SIM card number to your mobile network for verification purposes, if you lose your phone, or if you need to log into an online service they provide. How to find your SIM card number on an iPhone running iOS7 To find your SIM card number, from the homescreen: Tap Settings.
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If you lost the PIN of your SMART or Talk 'N Text Sim or if you entered the wrong PIN, your sim card might probably get blocked. If your handset is still functioning and you like its design and functions then the SIM only offer gives a method to save money and keep your existing mobile number. You can take advantage of a reduced line rental that is offered in exchange for not upgrading your handset.

Step 1: Get a Sim Card + ScissorsNo matter what size, I think most of you will have the Mini SIM Card and will want to cut that down to a micro-SIM card but a Nano SIM is also possible.
Step 2: Download This Page and PrintThis is a link to a page from a UK mobile network that gives you the guide on how to cut your SIM down to size. My current phone is using a SIM card I cut down, I fully recomend this for anyone who can't wait to get a new SIM for their new phone. Caution, nano sim are thinner as well, you may cause damage to your phone by trimming your own.
This is OK when your phone has a removable back and battery - you just pop the SIM card out and flip it over, but what if your SIM is a microSIM, stuck in a tray, fixed into an iPhone?
Mini-SIM Card - The most common in the previous generation, it's what most people would call a SIM card. I had another nano sim that i used as a template., but reading this was helpful so I knew how far into the chip I could cut. It is found at the back of your SMART or Talk 'N Text sim casing like what you can see in the photo below:PUK code found at the back of the sim casingTake note that you can see two PIN and two PUK on the image above.

Nano-SIM Card - I've only seen it used so far in Apple iPhones, but I'm sure it will catch on; this is literally just the contacts.
You will need your SIM card number if you ever need to speak to your mobile network to transfer your number or activate a new SIM.
The number will be printed on the SIM card itself but is very small, especially on the nano- and micro-SIMs used in newer iPhones.
How to find your SIM card number on an iPhone running iOS6 To find your SIM card number, from the homescreen: Tap Settings. Your ICCID is the 16 digit number printed at the back of your SIM card.Once validated, the system will dictate your PUK1 and PUK2 codes. Your ICCID is the 16 digit number located at the back of your SIM card.Once validated, the system will display your PUK1 and PUK2 codes.Did you successfully retrieve your PUK code?

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