The competitive rate structure of Cleartone, their service quality and overall expertise were the primary factors for selecting Cleartone as our business partner.
This feature is a personalised business voicemail box that comes free with all our services.
Every mailbox can have its own personalised voicemail greeting and then have the message emailed to any address which is identified.
Voice mail to email converts your voicemail to audio files and emails them to your computer. Wherever you are, you always know when a customer has called and you can collect voice messages from anywhere.

The following allows staff and faculty of Algonquin College to access their Voicemail using the Cisco Phone. You get a permanent record of the message on your computer, that you can access from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to your emails. This challenge will involve the poetry "scouts" completing 30 poetry prompts to attain 30 merit badges. Stay tuned to see if all 30 are achieved!"Winter Noise" was selected for the collection: The Best of Flying Island. The launch of the book will be at The Gathering of Writers in Indianapolis on March, 21st."Weddings" and "Blank Sheet" appear in WCC's Poetry Club 'Zine, Breaking and Mending.

The art and poetry is on exhibit at Gallery 308 in Muncie through the month of October 2008.

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