When I was younger, I thought if someone was going to break up with me they would do it in some gorgeous fashion. But after a guy texted me that he was over and done with our whole thing, I decided to lower my breakup standards. Though the stories you're about to read will make your heart burn a little, I must say I'm glad I'm not alone. Some people just don't get what you're hinting at in a text message, and the demotivational poster above is a prime example. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We will discuss in details how to use Vibosoft PC to Mobile SMS Sender software to text messages from a computer (Windows 7/8 or Mac).

You won't know when, you won't know how, and you won't even begin to imagine it happening in some terrible fashion: like through text message, or a mix tape, or right before you go to dinner with their parents.
Perhaps after being buzzed on some rose, he'd touch the edges of my split ends and tell me I'm just some overbearing vision of perfection and he needs to go north a bit while I go south to figure some things out. Anyone in the future could literally leave a note with my doorman or comment on my blog or have their mom call me and tell me and it wouldn't hurt as bad as someone you care about ending it all, ending everything, over a text message.
The whole thing was to make a point that he was breaking up with me and not the other way around.
On the bright side, building a fort is most certainly a guaranteed fun way to spend your night. Or right before going on a skydiving trip, he could tell me it's important not to look down.

Never once asking me out but always saying something bizarre like — hey, I saw a squirrel and thought of you; hey do you know President Obama? In unrelated, and slightly motivational news, continue reading to see the ten highest paying jobs in the US, as of 2011.

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