On a happy note- I do have lots of photos and posts that I can share as soon as thing settle down for the Summer and I can get those thoughts together. I removed my strips, removed my carpet, painted everything with Kilnz shlack based primer to seal away smoke, water damage and pet pee. If you have pics of what you did that you'd like to share, please visit our facebook page and post them there.
I was told that because we live in a climate of all four seasons we were not to seal our outside walls that in a mobile home if will cause rot, that is why they are there.
I was never happy with the wall coverings in our manufactured home from the day we purchased it new. My wife and I are replacing some of the paneling in our double wide and removing all of the strips and molding in the other rooms. We always score a line along either side of the strips with a carpet knife first, just slightly under the edge of the strip.
I decided to use the tape just to be on the safe side – completed most of it on Sunday! We painted our ceiling a slight shade lighter than the walls when we covered the living room with knotty pine.
Don’t Have A Kindle?You can still enjoy my book on your smartphone, tablet, or computer with the Kindle Reading App. We’re Here To Inspire!Please know that all ideas posted here are from our own experience and desires with regard to our mobile home and the homes of other contributors.
Lest you think that Botox is only for the ageless Hollywood glitterati and "Real Housewives" cast members, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has just released their data from 2012 and -- guess what? According to the ASPS statistics, minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures reached an all-time high last year. Just to give you a bit of perspective, Botox injections increased by 8 percent with 6.1 million procedures performed -- the highest number to date. Stars like Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox have proudly proclaimed that they've relied on Botox and fillers to keep them looking fresh (and apparently smelling fresh), so why shouldn't the average lady do the same?

Eighteen-year-old Stodden went under the knife recently to change her natural C breast to DD's. If I had my preference, we would have moved to that area when we bought our house in Fort Lauderdale. Having said that and me looking at him in mortification of having to redo all.our sheet rock work, he says only exterior walls should be able to breath. One thing is for sure, you will likely get different advice regarding mobile home from each person you ask.
They just didn't have many options where we purchased the home, so we were stuck with floral prints and wiry stripes.
I am about to start removing the strips, and retexture a wall, in a mobile home that I am about to move in to very soon. We are planning on using the all purpose painters caulk for the the seams that aren’t so large and tape and mud the large ones.
I can't wait to see how it turns out so please share pics on our facebook page so we can see all of your hard work.
Then, either a putty scraper or a flat head screwdriver from top to bottom or vice versa gently peeling it away from the wall.
So I used a Vinyl primer, available at Home Depot, on everything first, then my paint stuck to it just like it would have on real wood. This marks the third year in a row that people have been shilling out big bucks to look smoother, younger and tighter, whether their weapon of choice be Botox, fillers, lasers or microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion procedures also had an 8 percent increase, while soft tissue fillers and chemical peels saw a 5 and 2 percent increase, respectively.
Instead of stars pumping gas or going to the grocery store, we real people are utilizing the same beauty tools as the pros.
I can't help wonder if we would have liked Florida more if we had moved there to begin with. We also acquired home made down south which has no moisture barriers with so we will be redoing some but not all anyhow.

A reputable home inspector or licensed and insured contractor are our go-to advisers for all things mobile home before we begin many of our more complex projects. I was really excited to do it, until someone told me that the walls could shift if not done properly. We have had shifting and in the rooms where we removed strips and didn't recover the wall with something else, we had shifting cracks at the wall joints. We normally cover the walls with another type of wall board or, like in the case of the living room, we completely covered the walls with knotty pine. Also used the vinyl primer over all that wallpaper and it worked great to keep the paint adheared to well. Nicole Kidman recently revealed that she did try plastic surgery but has given it up so that she can "finally move [her] face again." Um, ouch? I am planning on using acrylic caulk, fiber joint tape, and then sealing over that with joint compound, and sanding. In all the rooms where we recovered the walls with a different kind of wall board or knotty pine, we have not had a problem. I then used drywall mud over the taped seams with a six or 8 inch blade and spread a light coat over all the grooves filled with caulk. But if you don't score the sides with the carpet knife, it may rip the papery coating on the gypsum board around the strip.
I know you may be looking for a low-cost fix, and repairing what you have would be the easiest, least expensive option, but without seeing your walls, I can't offer any other solutions.

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