Does it feel like digital and electronic devices are ever-expanding in your home and office, resulting in a big nuisance of tangled cords and cables?
S-Box I-Dock BoxThis slider brings your charging station from below the countertop to easy use with the touch of a finger. CableBox Minimake a box like this that matches my office and put a power strip in it for charging electrtonics.

A recent report claims Kim got a second cell phone that she can hide from Kanye and his prying eyes!
Kim and Kanye are currently gallivanting around Paris for fashion week, even taking their daughter North along for a few shows. The power strip will come in handy because you'll probably clear one little area to keep chaos at bay and wind up plugging in a lot of various things, like lamps, a laptop, your iPod dock and more.

Unplugging the cell phone charger after use is one of those things I have every intention of doing but very rarely actually remember to do.

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