Whether you want a cell phone with the basics or a state-of-the-art, multitasking device with all of the bells and whistles, there are many factors to consider.  Budget, features, service quality and customer service, flexible payment plans vs. DisclaimerViews expressed on this Blog are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the views of BBB or the Council of Better Business Bureaus.
Modern smartphones are built of hundreds of precisely selected components, all of which are fine-tuned for compatibility, allowing them to work in perfect unison. Smartphones are at the peak of their popularity and their number is expected to grow even further. The distance of a cell phone from a cellular tower has a direct effect on its call quality.
A special coating on the screens of most smartphones prevents fingerprints from sticking to its glass surface. It is estimated that one in every 10000 iPhones has the word "Help!" written on the inner side of its casing. The decade marked by the Great Depression saw the most significant increase of basic cellular phones ownership. Once again police across the nation are under fire for alleged violations of Americans constitutional rights.
Since then, according to new information obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the wide use of cell phone surveillance has spread to local police departments, which often employ the technique in investigations having nothing to do with national security.
Police maintain it can help in emergencies and criminal cases, but the ACLU contends that it raises legal and constitutional issues. Last August,  in an unprecedented effort to determine the full extent of the practice,  35 ACLU affiliates around the country filed over 380 requests under states’ freedom of information laws, asking  state and local law enforcement agencies about their policies, procedures and practices for tracking cell phones.
What it found was that many of the 205 law enforcement agencies responding to its requests track cell phones without any warrant.

While cell tracing allows the police to get records and locations of users, the ACLU documents do not show  that departments have conducted actual wiretapping operations — listening to phone calls — without court warrants required under federal law. It is possible to attain the current position of a cell phone, whether it’s stationary or moving, using the Global Positioning System (GPS)— many phones include GPS locators —  or other technology that can determine where the user is  in relation to a nearby antenna tower or radio station. The ACLU for its part supports bipartisan legislation, currently pending in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, called the Golocation Privacy and Surveillance Act.
The act would also mandate that private telecommunications companies get their customers’ consent before collecting location data. This entry was posted in News and tagged American Civil Liberties Union, freedom, Legal, mph4-national, mph7, Nation, National, Police, Privacy, Security, Technology, US. Subscribe to our Daily Digest for independent journalism through the lens of social justice & human rights directly in your inbox.
Think you're a cellular guru and that you know every bit of peculiar information there is to know about them? It is estimated that in every handset there should be enough parts to make two fully functional cellular mobile phones. It is estimated that over 14.2 billion people worldwide now own a smartphone - up by 17% from this time last year. The further you are from one, the louder you should speak so that the tower can "hear" you while handling the conversation. It is made of animal fat very similar to the kind that aquatic birds use to keep their feathers dry.
Their rise to fame was due to their low cost, high reliability, and excellent battery life. A new ACLU investigation reveals widespread monitoring of cell phone data without warrants.

It would require law enforcement officers to obtain a warrant to access location information from cell phones or GPS devices. The ACLU said the tracking can be lucrative for mobile operators, many of which charge fees to law enforcement for a range of services, including tracing phone calls and texts.
Communication over cellular phones is done in over 1823 languages and across more than 570 countries. The newest smartphones have their accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors wired directly to their power management system. Bush allowed the National Security Agency (NSA) to eavesdrop on phone calls of terrorism suspects and monitor phone and e-mail traffic without court-approved intelligence gathering warrants. That is what is necessary to protect Americans’ privacy, and it is also what is required under the Constitution,” said Crump.
We've put together a bunch little-known cell phone facts, and we'd bet that you weren't aware of most of them. Shaking a smartphone for 45 seconds generates enough kinetic energy to provide about 10 more minutes of stand-by time. This is known as the Leyden Jar effect and can be easily felt with most smartphones as their batteries are capable of storing way more charge than a basic phone's cell.

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