You might also want to remove the device from iTunes backup in case you no longer need it (the backup file occupies a large chunk of the harddisk space). Verizon repeatedly gave a police officer, with no Valid warrant, All my internet access info. Hi, I bought an iphone 6 off of Cragis and did not realize that the phone was icloud locked.
I have an iPhone 5 but I cant register a new icloud id from the iPhone 5 that I just bought from a friend.. AlexisI’m sorry to hear that, I know I rely on my phone quite a bit, so when it’s not working as expected I know that can be bothersome. AlexisI do, most likely the person who does the phone purchasing would need to handle this on your behalf as it is company property. AlexisUnfortunately, even though the employee did not own the device they put their own Apple ID on there, which caused the activation lock. AlexisUnfortunately, the person put their personal Apple ID on there, which they did not disable once they returned the phone. AlexisI do apologize, I don’t personally have that kind of access or answers to that type of question because those are policies made to keep customer information private. AlexisYou don’t have to drive the 40 miles, the phone lines are quick to answer, and can typically resolve the issue in a shorter amount of time than you driving there. Me:I dont want access to the current data on the phone nor do I want access to their AppleID acount. AlexisI do understand the issue you’re trying to resolve, the Apple ID lock is a security precaution for customers as well so that way if their device is stolen no one can access it after. AlexisYou won’t have to wait on hold typically, AppleCare has a great amount of advisors that are waiting to answer. AlexisI do understand the device is not stolen, and I apologize for the inconvenience, however I do not have access to override this. I bought a ipad mini but I don’t know former users apple id password and it wont let me access anything due to find my iPhone what do I do?

If i own a iphone 5s which is not having any id in seetings-icloud but it is still linked with previous owners id .. For a lot of users - including us here at iGB - iMessage often goes berserk and doesn't work at all. Apple's WWDC has been one of the most anticipated events in the tech world for over two and a half decades.
These days a lot of movable shop-keepers first check whether iCloud is active otherwise not. Following confirmation, iCloud resolve tell you that also username otherwise password is wrong. This time a latest pop-out resolve show asking you whether you need to stay the information on iPhone otherwise remove it from iPhone. Erasing all content and resetting the iPhone is one way but here’s a complete method that lets you remove all traces of your Apple ID from your iPhone.
To do this, all you have to do is go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content & Settings. Remove Find My iPhone: the first thing you have to do is remove Find My iPhone from your device.
He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life. I changed the router password, ESSI, and WPA monthly, but every single password was frequently accessed.
To clarify and make sure I understand properly, your device has an iCloud activation lock of someone else that had the device at your company before yourself. Apple takes privacy very seriously, so it is not something that can be overridden without having knowledge or proof of purchase.
We do not have anyway to override accounts without verification, particularly via chat, only over the phone or in store have those options.
We own the device, and you are telling me I have to drive 40 miles with a receipt to be able to use it?

I understand devices will be reassigned, and what we typically advise is on company devices when employees turn them in to have them disable the device with you there.
This way is easy and transport in during two hackers and they name it iOS 9 DoulCi version.
Condition there is every account connects by device; they inquire the seller to take out it first and next buy it.
A pop-up resolve unlock verify you that condition you remove your account, every documents and Photo Stream photos stored in iCloud resolve be delete from this iPhone. Erase all content and settings from Settings > General > Reset and then for good measure, Reset All Settings too. The second option is to bring in the original proof of purchase to an Apple Store to have the lock removed. Because it is a company owned device, the person who does purchasing may have the invoice or receipt to prove the ownership of the company, so it could be unlocked for you. Basically it’s a server supports as a server leave following the telepathic line is put in.
However, since it is a company phone, someone in charge of the purchasing for your company would most likely have to be the one handling this issue. In any case it can only be removed in an Apple Store or by calling 1-800-APL-CARE, because it has to be verified.
It has to do with privacy because that employee logged into their personal account, which contains personal data.

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