Sim card data recovery software is fully capable to recover accidentally or purposefully deleted text sms messages, phone book contact details along with name and contact numbers from your mobile phone sim card in just few clicks.
Cell phone data rescue wizard unerase sim card data while corrupted or lost due to virus infection and reveals all your important information back to original condition even if sim card is not detected by mobile phone device. User friendly GUI interface facilitates users to easily retrieve files and folders without requiring any specified technical skill. Download free trial version of powerful sim card data recovery software for having a look towards the software functionality. Our data recovery products are fully tested against highest industry standard and are equipped with latest mechanism and techniques. Note: Youa€™d better not use your phone for anything since the data lost, or your data may be overwritten and can not be recovered forever.
After installing Android Data Recovery, launch the program and you will get the main window below. After the analysis, you need to click a€?Allowa€? on your Android to get the Superuser Request, as the window show. After above 4 steps, you can get all your deleted phone numbers back easily with Android Data Recovery without infomation loss. Tips: Contacts in the scan result are displayed in different colors, of which those in orange are the deleted one and those in black are the existing one on your Android phone.

Continuing with its new focus on a cross-platform strategy, Microsoft is developing a new productivity tool called OneClip. OneClip is a universal clipboard app that can be installed onto multiple devices across a variety of platforms. The app works with text, images, phone numbers and even web clippings, among others, and can be organized by different categories. We’re not sure about an exact launch date for Android just yet, but OneClip is said to be heading to Android, Windows, Windows Phone, and iOS once it finishes its current stint in an internal closed beta. Advanced sim card data retrieval utility provides complete information of call list (fixed dialed, last dialed numbers) and text sms (saved in inbox, outbox and drafts) even from sim card of any network service provider. Easy-to-use USB sim card information retrieval software easily supports sim card of any country with any network service provider and being used for forensic and investigation purposes to undelete the deleted crucial details from sim card memory. Thanks to the outstanding data recovery software-- Android Data Recovery.This program enables users to retrieve your deleted contacts from Android phone, which is quick and easy to use. After that, click a€?Starta€? on your computer and the program will begin to scan your contacts. Once installed, users can retrieve items copied to their online clipboard using the application. Content refreshing is done automatically at regular intervals, but can be forced manually if required.

And it is compatible to most Android phones, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola and so on.
If you only need to see the missing one, click a€?Only display deleted itemsa€? button at the top of the window and you will see what you need only. To pair the apps, you will have to enter a randomly generated number onto each device before data is synced up. OneClip stores a history of your copied items, not just your last copy, and these can also be deleted from all your synced devices, if so required. Now, read the guide carefully and I will show you how to restore your deleted contacts on Android.
The process is always on in the background, so you won’t have to manually copy data in and out of different app screens unless you want an older file. Sim card data recovery software to restore deleted, erased or accidentally lost text messages, phone book saved contact numbers.1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the best free data recovery software to solve all.Android data recovery software helps you to restore deleted data from different android devices such as tablet PC and other android devices.

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