With this service, you’re enabled to search through (at the moment) 7 million patents.
If you want more search features, the site’s advanced search page lets you find results just by inventor, assignee, title, filing date and so on. In AcclaimIP, you can export over 40 different columns of patent data, and unlimited custom fields.
By contrast, the data fields found only in the document details window may limit the number of documents you can export at one time.
There is no limitation on our side, so if you need to export 50K claim sets at a time, you can let us know, and we will temporarily remove the restrictions on your account.
The citing company name is followed by the number of unique citations that company has for that patent.
When you export patent information in AcclaimIP, the documents are exported in the same order as your current Search Results grid.

The easiest way to get around export limits is to break up your query into two or more date ranges, where each result set falls below the export threshold. The other option is to use the date range options in the refine panel to break up your search into multiple date ranges.
Restricting your search results to two or more date ranges, and exporting two or more times, allows you to export more patents than the data limits. Note that you won’t be able to find patents issued over the last few months, or non-US patents, as the Google Patent Search FAQ explains. There is an export limit of 1,000 documents in gold and just five for silver since this is really a gold-only feature. The constraint here is spreadsheets become far too large and unwieldy if we include more than about 500 claim sets. This is particularly helpful if you want to export the best matches in a Similar Document or QueryFlow search.

Clicking on this result will take you to an overview page that summarizes the patent and its claims, and allows you to search just within this patent. For example, sorting in Excel can take 10 to 15 minutes on your local brand new dual-processor quad-core i7 machine if the spreadsheet is over 100MB. You can export all, and then limit your export to only the first 100, for example, and the best matches will be exported.

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