There have already been Instagram Direct fails,with their charming gent sending a pic to what appears to be all the women he knows. A Taiwanese woman has managed to fall off a pier in Australia whilst checking Facebook on her phone. She was casually checking her newsfeed (I guess) on Monday night, when she ended up floating in the brine. We've all almost hit a rogue lamp post whilst walking down the street, but walking off a pier is a significant level up. Facebook has acquired SportStream, a start-up firm that analyses social media mentions of sport. It's thought that the partnership has been made to help Facebook's media partners find relevant sports content on the site, but there are rumours on the social media grapevine that Facebook have made the acquisition to make the site more like Twitter. SportStream enables content producers and broadcasters to aggregate, filter and display sports data in real-time. With just a picture on Instagram, captioned 'Surprise!' Beyonce managed to send the world into meltdown.
She's already smashing records with the new album as well, as it sold 828,773 copies in three days, making it the largest single week ever in the U.S. The 39-year old mother, who is also a fashion model, said Kristina isn’t allowed to go onto the internet, participate in beauty contests or run her own social media accounts. Before getting a child shit load of money so that she gets everything she wants while not even lifting a finger to work, make sure first the adults in this world who cannot even get a descent meal on their plate are helped first.

New Facebook features have been released rampantly as of late, the newest taking aim at Instagram.
The New York Times reports that this Facebook enhancement has been ready for quite some time, and that Facebook did make efforts to acquire Instagram.
This also comes on the heels of learning that there may be a built in filter program in Apple’s upcoming iOS upgrade. Greg Finn is the Director of Marketing for Cypress North, a company that provides world-class social media and search marketing services and web & application development.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Iona St Joseph cuts through the clutter to bring you a weekly update on the social stories you need to know.
Instagram Direct is described on their blog as "a new way to send photo and video messages to friends" and means that if you happen to see something hilarious that means something to just a small group of friends, you can share it solely with them, instead of all your followers. She claimed to police that she couldn't swim, when they found her floating on her back, phone still in hand. She released her new album on iTunes with zero warning, but an Instagram post was all she needed. Since then she has garnered over 2 million likes on Facebook and over 400 000 followers on Instagram, but her mom says she is just a regular girl.

A quick search on Google images and pictures surface of Kristina sitting in what some might deem provocative poses, in her pajamas in bed, and even a topless shot with a necklace of beads covering her chest. The image gathered over 1000 likes the second it was posted, and now has over 500 000 likes in total. He has been in the Internet marketing industry for 10+ years and specializes in Digital Marketing. A trained journalist, Iona manages the social team at 10 Yetis' dedicated division, A Social Media Agency. According to Business Insider, all you have to do to delete an Instagram Direct photo or video is simply open the message and tap the ellipsis next to the comment field under the photo or video. The copyright in the literary and artistic works contained in this online news publication and its other related and connected websites, belongs exclusively to Ole! The reproduction of any content or material contained in this online news publication is expressly reserved to the publisher, Ole! Reliance on the information contained in the online news publications and other related content published on this website is done at your own risk and subject to our "terms and conditions".

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