Google aims to help you quickly find your Android smartphone or tablet, should you misplace or lose it. You shouldna€™t throw away electronics in the trash, you should dispose of them responsibly. You launched the Google app, said 'OK Google', and now the app is waiting for you to say something. As it has done for the past 7 years, YouTube asked the viewers to vote for their favorite Super Bowl ads. Google introduced a new, machine translation service called Google Translate precisely 10 years ago, on April 28, 2006.

That’s why it integrated Android Device Manager functionality into its search engine.
This infographic explains why you should that and presents some useful advice on how to do that. Instead of visiting the aforementioned Android Device Manager website, you can find your lost Android smartphone or tablet directly from Google Search.
And if you are logged in, you may be asked to re-enter your password – you know, for security reasons.
The functionality presented above will not work if your lost smartphone or tablet does not have a working internet connection.

I remind you that this means you can use your Android Wear smartwatch to locate your lost Android smartphone.

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