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Searching youtube screennames on Google Earth (and Google Maps) can give you the persons HOME LOCATION and PHONE NUMBER !
For tatoott (my online youtube partner) it is much worse, not only his street and block, but his MOBILE NUMBER comes up ! For other youtube screen names, it appears their current chatter is now being geolocated, as well as their posting locations in some cases! If you search my main youtube channel, something even more strange happens — up comes CERN in Switzerland.    Something I was talking about today in comments online! Our screennames on youtube are supposed to give us a sense of privacy, now its a target on your back, and a way for people to get your personal information that would otherwise be considered private. A search on other youtube channels produces topics they are currently talking about, or their location as well. This does NOT explain why my home street, and tatoott1009’s home address and mobile number come up though. Janitch found himself at the mercy of a major security flaw in Google+, influenced by the company’s push to use real names on the social network.
More than 800 videos and 75,000 subscribers accumulated over the course of three years gone, all because someone flagged his separate Google+ account. Making matters even more Kafkaesque, not only is there absolutely no way to dispute the flag before Google automatically shuts down a profile, there is no official recourse to get your videos back. From there, you identify the profile as either an individual or business, and then you’re taken to a form to confirm your identity. Proving that online anonymity has fully eroded on YouTube, Janitch was forced to send a copy of his passport to prove his identity. They (Google) promised the information I sent them would be kept private, yet my (now previous) registered ID HOME ADDRESS is now associated with my backup youtube channel which I barely even use!  This is highly unacceptable.
When you search dutchsinsereloaded (my backup channel on youtube), up comes my street right down to the garden across from the front door of a location which identifies me, my street and right down to the block of the residence. Even when you search IP addresses, it usually safeguards against giving the actual block of the residence, but a search of a youtube screen name can turn up the actual street, block, and possibly even a current MOBILE PHONE number. How did my address get associated with my backup youtube account screen name on youtube?  Obviously it was done by them, but why?

Why don’t we see suspicious0bservers mobile number?  Why don’t we see Alex Jones home street location?  Why do ours show? Why is it that a few channels who cover odd topics are the ones who are getting this SPECIAL SEARCH TREATMENT from this supposed indiscriminate computer search system? If you search out my backup channel Dutchsinsereloaded, we are taken directly to my address here in St. If you search out Dahboo77, it takes you to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in Atlanta Georgia, where the Ebola infected people went. Needless to say, this is creepy, and in the case of revealing private mobile phone numbers DOWNRIGHT WRONG  + DANGEROUS.
I think tatoott might have a legal case since his cell phone is being made public by them via a search on his supposedly private information that Google is supposed to safeguard. Google earth blurs out peoples faces, and other things of this nature on the street view of the program.. Who would want to post ANYTHING to youtube or google if they knew any stranger in the world could CALL THEM or come to their house to “reach out and touch someone” in real life?!! Do you guys all want to meet your online haters?  Do you think it might end up with someone hurt?  Do you think tatoott might incur some kind of monetary damages if he has to shut off his cell phone due to their posting of his personal information on GOOGLE EARTH for the world to see? This is a violation of their contract – which says they will safeguard personal data like Cell phone numbers, and home addresses. Do you think the young kids who make videos on youtube will like having their home addresses out there?!!!!!!  How about the people who are  victims of crime from this?! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Professordoom1 comes up at a Walmart Supercenter in Los Angeles California (Jade Helm), dutchsinsereloaded goes right to my location in St. Users bemoaned the erosion of privacy and the ability to post videos and comments anonymously.
His dutchsinse profile on Google+ was flagged erroneously (and, with a heaping bowl of irony, anonymously) for being an imposter.
His YouTube account, according to Janitch, never received a single strike or violation otherwise. And despite having his cell phone number tied to both accounts for log-in verification, he didn’t receive a mobile notification either.

It took one of Janitch’s inside connections at Google to contact the policy team to restore his YouTube page, his videos, and his subscribers.
Whether you’re reaching out to an old friend or looking up the business hours of a local store on its Google+ Page, you want to be confident that these profiles and pages really represent who they say they do. We love to get the word out about events the community would be interested in and you can help us spread the word! But that still left Janitch without a means to use his Google+ account on YouTube without going through a confirmation process.
However, because his popular YouTube page is tied to that Google+ account, all his videos and subscribers were removed as well. Columns and track my cell phone by serial number then tap mobile be #1 before sync android device? India manufacturer of track my cell phone by serial number tonight download both versions of traders. Investment assistance such card is extremely hidden gps tracker requires android waterhouse.
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