If you're on the lookout for new iOS apps that you can download for free from the App Store, here is a selection of apps that you have been made free by their developers. It's always exciting when you get to download a new app on your device that turns out to be an interesting app. For a while now, Apple has dealt with unhappy users who complained about not receiving text messages when they switched to a different device. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have ended already but that does not mean you can't save money on your next smartphone purchase. It looks like Sprint is finally making giving its Virgin Mobile prepaid brand a little love.
Straight Talk Wireless issued a press release today announcing the availability of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from Straight Talk.
Sprint has a policy of not allowing its MVNOs to activate the latest Sprint phones until at least 12 months after their initial release on Sprint. Description: Virgin Mobile offers Prepaid Cell Phone Service and Pay as you Go with No Annual Contracts.
Description: CiaoCellular - Talk internationally at very low rates from Cell or home phone. With their announcement, carriers have also started to add the device to their device lineup. What's even more exciting is when you discover that a much-loved app is on sale and is available for free.Yes, for a limited time period, these 15 premium apps are available for free. It turns out that when an individual changes his phone, the text messages being sent to his number were being treated by Apple as an iMessage.
The CDMA technology that Sprint uses gives carriers total control over which phones can be activated on what accounts and Sprint uses the 12 month rule to try force users who want the latest phones to postpaid. Unfortunately there's no word on when Boost will be getting Apple's latest or what the price will be. So far, only the major carriers have announced that the device will be available with their plans.
This is the perfect app to use if you want to create memes, greetings, birthday cards, or motivational pictures! So instead of the text message getting delivered to the user's new device, they end up getting lost.With this issue, the public has sought charges and has placed Apple in a tight spot for its irresponsibility with iMessage. I think that's misguided and is more likely to drive potential prepaid users to an operator with more liberal activation policies.
Meanwhile, those who had already switched from an iPhone to a different device now worried about their undelivered text messages. The iPhone 5c and 5s launched on Sprint Sept 20, 2013 so they have passed their 12 month anniversary. Its main selling point is its 4-inch Retina display with a LED-backlit IPS LCD screen and a resolution of 640x1136 pixels.
If you are among those who worry about the same thing, Apple now has introduced a way for users to opt out of their iMessage account; especially if you no longer have your iPhone with you.

So if you decide to go with the Moto E, you'll need to pay $50 upfront and a $50 Visa gift card will be sent to you in eight weeks.
It usually takes Sprint about a month after a phone passes its  anniversary date before they actually start allowing their MVNOs to activate it.
But Boost stablemate Virgin Mobile got the iPhone 5s on Oct 1, only 11 days after postpaid.
With this app, you'll be able to keep a close eye on your daily expenses; especially when you're traveling.
All it takes is a visit to the selfsolve.apple website, type in your phone number and you'll receive a confirmation code. The 2000 mAh battery is non-removableThe 2015 Motorola Moto G 8 GB is available now for $149.99. It looks like Sprint is giving Boost all the love this year, as there's no mention of the iPhone 6 on the Virgin Mobile site yet. In order to receive the gift card, you will have to make your second service payment in 45 days. The issue has also been reported by a customer on Canada's Petro Mobility, a Rogers MVNO.The problem is related to how iOS automatically configures APNs so that you don't have to. Sprint MVNO Ting, has posted on their blog that you will be able to bring a Sprint iPhone 5c or 5s to Ting starting Monday Sept.
The iPhone 6 went on sale on postpaid on Sept 19 this year, so I'm guessing that we could see the iPhone 6 on Boost as soon as Sept 30, 11 days after the 19th. Creative Writer - $1.99If you're a professional or budding writer and you need to practice your craft, Creative Writer is an app that can help you out.
The new prices for these four smartphones after their discount range from $10 (ZTE Sonta 2), $30 (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime), and $50 (Moto E and LG G Stylo).Cricket Wireless offers different monthly plans specific to your preference. Battery-wise, the iPhone SE sports a non-removable Li-Po 1,642 mAh battery that helps it last up to 14 hours of talk time and 240 hours of standby time.
Unfortunately the profiles also get sent to the partner operator's MVNO customers and that doesn't work if the MVNO uses a different APN than the operator whose network it runs on. Instead of typing words, you simply have to tap on the series of suggested words until you form sentences.
Exit Settings.It's a really easy procedure that you can do on your own without any trouble. Another option is the Smart plan, which includes 5GB of high-speed data for a monthly fee of $50. Note that only iPhones sold for use on Sprint can be used on Sprint MVNOs, Boost and Virgin Mobile phones, including iPhones,will not work. Customers on Virgin's current unlimited plans will be able to stream as much music as they want from Pandora, iHeart Radio and Slacker and it won't count against their plan's high speed data allowance. According to Ting this phone hasn't officially been released by Sprint for MVNO activation, but should be soon. Other than adding a filter, you can also use this app to edit photo size, brightness, contrast, saturation, aspect ratio and many more.

However, a Ting customer left a comment on Ting's blog post saying that he and a friend were able to activate Moto X's on Ting a few days ago.You can check ther release date of recent Sprint phones in my post Banned Phones - Tracking The Sprint MVNO Blacklist.
Ting also has a page listing if and when hundreds of Sprint devices can be activated on Ting and other MVNOs. Thankfully, there's now an app that will allow you to save the exact spot where your car is parked.
Once the monthly data allotment has been used up, any added data add-ons will be used before the rolled over data. Find My Parked Car not only helps with your parking location, it also acts as a timer for metered parking and provides turn-by-turn navigation.
It also works on your Apple Watch so you can easily dictate notes.Again, remember that the apps on this list were made free by their developers. The app allows you to apply filters, add text, stickers, rearrange the frames, and control playback speed of your GIF creation.
When you see an app you're interested in, make sure that you check if there is a price next to the "Get" link.
The app words as a daily reminder tool with an adjustable checklist so you can easily check off the things that you're trying to remind yourself-- feed the dog, wash your car, or even turn off the iron. Search Ace - $1.99 Search Ace lets you access your favorite website quickly by simply typing in a search word.
The good thing about this app is that it lets you search for new music, album, or artists through the use of keywords.
And if you're in doubt of a song's title or artist's name, you can figure it out by typing in some of the lyrics onto the search bar.
With this app on your device, the entire web page on the app is translated and spoken out aloud. The best thing about it is that the app supports translation services provided by both Bing Translator (with over 40 languages) and Google Translate (over 60 languages). Week Agenda Ultimate - $0.99 If you're the type of person who has a difficult time organizing your schedule, Week Agenda Ultimate app is designed for you.
It reached the 30th spot, which drew a lot of people to be curious to what the app is about. Now, you can download the app for free so you can quickly and easily and text, quotes and phrases to your photos. The developers of the apps on this list were the ones who decided to make them available for free. Because of this, there's no telling how long these paid iPhone and iPad apps will be offered for free. When you see an app you're interested in, make sure that you check if there is a price next to the "Get" link.

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