The delivery rate is the percent of messages that were successfully delivered to your subscribers.
If your campaign messages include a URL, you should track the click-through rate on this URL to measure engagement with your campaign’s content.
If you send coupons via your mobile marketing campaign, we recommend you also track the redemption rate. By taking advantage of audience segmentation, you can determine which groups are the most responsive to the content of your campaigns. Subscribe to our eNewsletter or text MOMARES to 65047 to get our monthly text message marketing tips and event invites.
Cellular phones have become a ubiquitous means of communications with over 5 billion users worldwide in2010, of which 80% are GSM subscribers. University of Minnesota researchers found a flaw in AT&T and T-Mobile cell towers that reveals the location of phone users. The process requires a feature cellphone and a laptop, running the open-source Osmocom GSM firmware and software respectively, along with a cable connecting the two devices.
The attackers use the landline to call the target's cellphone when it's located near the same LAC as the equipment and use the laptop output to monitor the broadcasts that immediately follow over the airwaves to page the target phone. Entrepreneur, Hacker, Speaker, Founder and CEO — The Hacker News and The Hackers Conference.

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It depends on your goals, but we list here some of the metrics we think are essential to track for almost any SMS marketing campaign. At Momares, we like to track how many people subscribe to your lists so that you can plan strategies for growth. The click-through rate is only an applicable metric if the campaign happens to include a link. It can give you an idea of how your subscribers respond to individual campaigns when it comes to opting out.
The redemption rate refers to the percentage of coupon codes that are redeemed at POS or point-of-sale, versus the total number of coupons that were delivered to your subscribers. Contact us or call us at (305) 505­­-5393 for help with setting up your (SMS) text message marketing.
Due to theiruse of the wireless medium and their mobile nature, thosephones listen to broadcast communications that could reveal their physical location to a passive adversary.
The attack, described in a Research paper (Click to Download Pdf), is most useful for determining whether a target is within a given geographic area as large as about 100 square kms or as small as one square kilometer. The group has also contacted AT&T and Nokia with some low-cost options that could be implemented without changing the hardware.

When you launch your SMS marketing campaign, you should not only plan, but also select the important KPIs to measure results. If your campaign does not include links, you will need to find another way to measure response, such as the redemption rate. A higher number of opt-outs in a short period of time means your campaign is likely not resonating with subscribers in terms of value. It can also be used to pinpoint a target's location but only when the attacker already knows the city, or part of a city, the person is in. For example, an incoming voice call requires the network to locate that device so it can allocate the appropriate resources to handle the call. In order to match the codes to the cell phone number, researchers called the phone three times. Your cell phone network has to at least loosely track your phone within large regions in order to make it easy to find it“.
According to our latest stats, our text (SMS) coupon delivery rates are often 95% or higher.

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