I started tracking my customer service grievances back when a big phone company got sneaky and charged me a long distance access fee despite my never using the service.
Tracking customer service calls was also important when I tried to break up with my cable company — they didn’t want to let me go! So before calling a phone, cable, financial, or airline customer service line with an issue to air, be sure to download this simple worksheet and record that conversation. Agents are generally required to take notes of all calls so the next agent you talk to can reference the problem. You will have more co-operation and sympathy when you’re on the same page as the agent and can re-explain your problem with accurate details. Great advice, Kerry, and ULTRA-IMPORTANT if you should ever have the grievous misfortune of falling prey to a collection agency.
Government stingray surveillance technology can record calls, track phones, intercept texts.
The federal government has been fighting hard for years hide details about its use of so-called stingray surveillance technology from the public. Now newly released documents confirm long-held suspicions that the controversial devices are also capable of recording numbers for a mobile phone’s incoming and outgoing calls, as well as intercepting the content of voice and text communications. The information appears in a 2008 guideline prepared by the Justice Department to advise law enforcement agents on when and how the equipment can be legally used. Stingrays go by a number of different names, including cell-site simulator, triggerfish, IMSI-catcher, Wolfpack, Gossamer, and swamp box, according to the documents.
The devices, generally the size of a suitcase, work by emitting a stronger signal than nearby towers in order to force a phone or mobile device to connect to them instead of a legitimate tower.
Title III is the federal wiretapping law that allows law enforcement, with a court order, to intercept communications in real time.
Civil liberties groups have long suspected that some stingrays used by law enforcement have the ability to intercept the content of voice calls and text messages. Another issue of controversy relates to the language that investigators use to describe the stingray technology.
It’s not known how quickly stingrays release devices that connect to them, allowing them to then connect to a legitimate cell tower. In order for the kind of stingray used by law enforcement to work, it exploits a vulnerability in the 2G protocol. Nelson also raised concerns about their use in a " target="_blank">remarkable speech on the Senate floor. The increased attention prompted the Justice Department this month to release a new federal policy on the use of stingrays, requiring a warrant any time federal investigators use them.

A person's location, monitor a cellular phone with the industry's fattest cash track a phone calls and family safe. Your phone, cable, or internet provider dropped the ball and now you’re stuck on the line trying to get the costly problem fixed. Knowing my cancellation date and time (down to the minute) became essential ’cause I had to give that greedy cable guy 30 days notice before I was allowed to quit the service.
Track the date, time, agent name, reason for call, and any comments pertaining to your problem. There is usually some sort of follow-up involved and inevitablely something goes wrong and you have to call customer service back but of course, it’s a different agent. They deal with many customers every day who have gotten their facts confused and are constantly in a head match with the customers.
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The surveillance devices simulate cell phone towers in order to trick nearby mobile phones into connecting to them and revealing the phonesa€™ locations. The documents include not only policy guidelines, but also templates for submitting requests to courts to obtain permission to use the technology. Civil liberties groups have been fighting since 2008 to obtain information about how the government uses the technology, and under what authority. They can be used to determine the location of phones, computers using open wireless networks, and PC wireless data cards, also known as air cards. Once a mobile devices connects, the phone reveals its unique device ID, after which the stingray releases the device so that it can connect to a legitimate cell tower, allowing data and voice calls to go through.
But law enforcement agencies have insisted that the devices they use are not configured to do so.
Most surveillance laws include such provisions to give investigators the ability to conduct rapid surveillance under emergency circumstances, such as when lives are at stake.
Templates for requesting a court order from judges advise the specific terminology investigators should use and never identify the stingray by name. During the period that devices are connected to a stingray, disruption can occur for anyone in the vicinity of the technology. Phones using 2G don’t authenticate cell towers, which means that a rogue tower can pass itself off as a legitimate cell tower. Last March, Senator Bill Nelson (D—Florida) sent a letter to the FCC calling on the agency to disclose information about its certification process for approving stingrays and any other tools with similar functionality. To hide text messages, whatsapp messages spy on mobile phone or both for monitoring mms, Can choose to private phone isat any embarrassing late night phone calls and how .

Another controversial capability involves the ability to block mobile communications, such as in war zones to prevent attackers from using a mobile phone to trigger an explosive, or during political demonstrations to prevent activists from organizing by mobile phone. Investigators are then to apply for a court order within 24 hours after the emergency surveillance begins. Nelson asked in particular for information about any oversight put in place to make sure that use of the devices complies with the manufacturer’s representations to the FCC about how the technology works and is used. But after getting through to a supervisor with specific call times, agent names, and case numbers I was refunded over a hundred bucks thanks to my handy Track Customer Service Calls Worksheet (PDF). One collection agency has tried for 5 YEARS to get me to pay an account that was fraudulently created by a health club. Even spy on computers using mSpy,A however we will only share information about smartphones.
So of course I’m not paying them a cent, and I have already put in my complaint online to the Ontario government.
No one will leave their kids alone with a stranger then why leave them unsupervised online where they are contacting many so called friends(many may be bad) or strangers. However, if iCloud backup is not enabled on the device to be monitored then mSpy application will have to be installed. Install and Set up mSpy – For this physical access to the device to be monitored is needed. However, to make it a€¦ Read MoreAbout the author Hemant Mendiratta twitter facebook googleplus Hemant Mendiratta is a co-founder and author at TechUntold. He has a lot of interest in exploring and sharing hidden or unknown tricks and facts about Technology. 1) Does the target device need to be rooted for it to work, because I had used another software which said root not required, but it gave me only the call and sms details.
2) Should I download the software on my device and then transfer it to the target device by either Bluetooth, software data cable etc ? Regarding your second query, yeah you can do it that way but it will be much simpler and easier if you directly download and install the application on the target device.

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