This forum is for comments and the free exchange of information relating to Trojan Boats and boating. The Pershing Yacht story began in 1981 with wooden boats built by 3 seagoing fanatics, each with considerable yacht building experience and a passion for fast cruising yachts.
In 1998, Pershing became part of the Ferretti Group and gained worldwide exposure through the intense marketing efforts of yachts by this conglomerate, which has resulted in an expansive range of sport yachts and ultimately large motor yachts, with an emphasis on speed and handling.
In March, 1985, Whittaker sold part of its interest in Bertram and three other marine companies to Investcorp in a leveraged buyout.
Great job on your research of the Trojan 10.8 Meter Express, particularly with so little current information available.
First, in my opinion the 10.8 Meter Express, as the last model developed, was one of the most sophisticated designs ever produced at Trojan from concept through execution. With regard to performance, as you probably know, weight is a major factor along with wind and sea conditions. I have just purchased a 10.8 trojan with cat 3116 in Europe (i am from the Netherlands) This is probably the only one here in Europe. I have also a big cradle full of all kind of books and papers of trojan and of the 10.8 with the boat. By 1985, the Pershing 45a€™ was born, designed in collaboration with Fulvio De Simoni and met with instant success, due to its numerous innovations.

In 2004, Pershing opened a new manufacturing headquarters in Mondolfo, Italy to adapt and implement the latest technologies and materials used in the construction of yachts. By the early 1990a€™s, Pershing had expanded to a worldwide yacht dealer network, with over 70% of their production going to the Far East and United States.
One, Bertram-Trojan, Inc., acquires the assets of the Bertram Yacht and Trojan Yacht divisions.
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