Included with the case is a gold plated 3.5mm headphone adapter for connecting to your favorite headset. The iPhone 6 price could jump $100 according to Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest. In 2013 Apple shoppers largely ignored the cheaper iPhone 5c, which leads to his conclusion that Apple’s customers will pay a $100 premium for an iPhone 6 with a larger screen. In his note Hargreaves believes Apple is only planning an iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display, and not the larger model rumored from other sources. Apple is facing stiff competition from Android devices that offer a much better user experience than two years ago, and we’ve seen a fair number of users switch from iPhone to Android for a larger screen. For the first time choosing the right color iPhone is much more than a matter of personal preference. I added both a black iPhone 5 and white iPhone 5 to my smartphone collection on September 21, the day Apple launched its latest smartphone. After just over two-months of use, my black iPhone 5 looks ragged and worn, while my white iPhone 5 looks brand spanking new, even though I’ve kept both in cases and treated them both carefully.
The back of the black iPhone 5 has a black coating, but underneath the coating is the same bright anodized aluminum finish as what’s on the white iPhone 5. The white iPhone 5 has bare metal edges, while the darker iPhone 5’s edges are blacked out. The black coating’s rubbed off on parts of the black iPhone 5, including the edge above the Lightning connector, the top edge above front-facing camera and both sides.
Um, your clearly telling us that the black iPhone 5 is worthless while the white iPhone 5 is a angel. The problem isn’t the color but like you said when you put a case on your phone especially a hard cover, dirt gets in between and causes deep scratches like that.

They both are very nice but I like the white because the black is too dark not attractive at all.
Experience the freedom to surf, ski, snowboard, work on construction sites and have true mobile freedom anywhere you go! The LifeProof iPhone case delivers the highest level of waterproof, shock-proof, dirt-proof protection in an incredibly low profile at a mere 1.5mm increase to each edge! Apple is facing stiff competition from the Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One, and the 5-inch or larger iPhone 6 will likely go head to head with the Galaxy Note 4 this fall. A new rumor from Japan points to a Galaxy Note 4 competitor with a larger phablet size screen and new color options similar to the iPhone 5c.
In a note shared on Business Insider this morning Hargreaves outlined his thoughts on the iPhone 6, explaining that Apple can likely charge a premium for the larger screen iPhone, which may come with a higher cost to make.
This could leave the iPhone 5s at $199 and iPhone 5c at $99, depending on what else Apple has in the works. The larger screen adds to the size of the device, but according to the report the devices are thinner.
Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 in four colors, but it looks like only two will arrive at release in the U.S. Some people had a strong preference for the white iPhone 3G because of the novelty and what some consider to be a more feminine or fashionable appearance.
I’m not a typical smartphone subscriber since I buy multiple devices per year on various networks for more work here at GottaBeMobile.
When you are going to your car, or getting out of your car – put your cell phone in your pocket, bag, etc. While they are both stunning, for me the black is stealth and sleek and therefore the one i have liked the most.

Additionally the report indicates that Apple could see an increase in iPhone 6 upgrades from existing iPhone owners. I use Google Voice and some iOS 6 features to make shuffling between devices phones as possible. By nature, anodized aluminum is pretty durable, which is one of the reasons Apple uses the material throughout its Mac and iOS device lineups. The small pock marks in the above photo were caused by debris stuck between the back of the iPhone and its case.
It doesnt hurt that the screen blends into the back ground (no annoying bar) and in general all colors look better agains the black border. Depending upon the storage you have, you are carrying around a 400 to 1000 dollar device – treat it as such and you will be fine.
But when the sister of my friend come with his new iphone 5 white, me and my mother and it was looked.
No case, unless it is the one made that completely covers the phone with another layer of shielding, is going to stop your phone from shattering.
I have seen tons of shattered iphones with ugly plastic cases that were supposed to protect them.

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