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If you choose to subscribe, payment will be handled via your iTunes account inside our app. If you would like to cancel, you must do so at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription via iTunes. The 5c comes in various bright colors, and is equipped with hardware comparable to that of the iPhone 5.
You have to admit that even though it sports the same design as last year, and new features were kept to a minimum, the iPhone 5s is still a very impressive handset–both from a design and performance standpoint.
I think he means they should increase the storage and keep the current pricing model like they used to do about every year with all their products.
This is the only reason I will hold out for the 6, hopefully they update the storage by then!

If you only use your phone for making phone calls no point in upgrading, use it for photos or games etc it is a great improvement. If you only use your phone for making phone calls, there’s really no point in having a smartphone at all.
Yeah, my slate 5 has marks on the back around the logo from a LifeProof case, and also marks from the Armor Otterbox case, which are lined with felt and silicon.
Maybe if a lot consumers think like you maybeapple woudnt have discontinued the 5(black&slate) dealing with public relations is hard. Well I would be more than frustrated if my phone scratched too easily or came with scratches already on it, but that didn’t happen to me.
But we’re also unlucky because an unlocked iPhone 5s costs $800 if you convert it from USD to AUD but Apple charges $1,000 in Australia. I’m not bitching on the specs they are great but size is a deal breaker for me and to many people that have the iPhone 5. I don’t like android at all but man apple keep pushing with this kind on SNAFU they will lose a lot customers in the iPhone area. This technical choice has a strong impact on the camera performances and on the device manufacturing cost. The unique technology from Sony (Exmor-RS) consists in a stacking of a pixel array circuit which uses a Back-Side Illuminated (BSI) technology and a logic ISP circuit processed with a 65nm technology node. And the 5s of course looks very similar to its predecessor, but it includes a faster processor, better camera and a built-in fingerprint sensor.

I would think the carriers would have some say about that, especially now that they’re trying to get everyone off unlimited data.
It’s a money thing so if they get rid of the 16GB for whatever reason they will lose out on money. I would find it very frustrating if i bought a 600$ opened it and has already scratches on it. It’s about time to update the options to 32-64-128gb and pass on some of the savings to the consumer.
You can now play your purchased music from the cloud and there so many options for storing photos now, including photo stream. If we’re still doing the fingerprint thing in another year or two, then so be it, but who knows, they might have a retina scanner by that point. Why waste internal device space for bigger storage when they can improve things like battery, memory, processors, etc?

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