Smartstones California company introduced a system,that allows you to read thoughts and turn them into speech. The life of modern man is associated with the interface is so tight,that most did not even notices it. Engineers from Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with researchers from the Future Interfaces Group create intelligent management technology to smartwatch. At the time, many were waiting for the release of the Nintendo gaming grade smartphone in response to the Sony Xperia Play, but expectations were not justified. Canadian engineers Human Media Lab at Queen's University in Kingston again decided to surprise and presented a prototype flexible smartphone HoloFlex with holographic display. United Arab Emirates has once again demonstrated to the world the scope of his imagination and truly royal ambitions. The year 2020, even if only a few years away, still sounds futuristic and in tech terms, it is. For students who found taking college classes over their computers too constraining, a Japanese university now offers one of their courses via cell phone. Japanese already use cell phones to shop, read novels, exchange e-mail, search for restaurants and take video clips.

Cyber University, the nation’s only university to offer all classes only on the Internet, began offering a class on mobile phones Wednesday on the mysteries of the pyramids.
Sakuji Yoshimura, who heads Cyber University and gives the pyramids course, said the university provides educational opportunities for people who find it hard to attend real-life universities, including those with jobs and those who are sick or have disabilities. He scoffed at those who question the value of Internet and cell-phone classes, noting attendance is relatively high at 86 percent. Although real-time exchange with professors and other students isn’t possible in Net classes, social networking and other cyber-discussions are flourishing, said Hiroshi Kawahara, professor in the Faculty of Information Technology and Business. Having taught several graduate-level courses online and found the quality of the exchange decidedly inferior to the traditional residential experience, I’m incredibly skeptical of the value of classes delivered in a tiny screen without sound or the ability for students to engage the professor or their colleagues. About James JoynerJames Joyner is the publisher of Outside the Beltway, an associate professor of security studies at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, and a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.
The Japanese are the ultimate early adapters of technology and their mobile phone systems and gadgets are light years ahead of ours.
To combat them, the authorities sometimes go to extreme measures, such as introducing road fees for travel or limiting the amount entering the city limits of machinery.
This time the Dubai leadership gave the go-ahead on good rather unusual project, the creation of which will require considerable effort and investment.

With the exponential developments in technology, the world will look very different in 2020 with many exciting new innovations taking shape. For classes for personal computers, the lecture downloads play on the monitor as text and images in the middle, and a smaller video of the lecturer shows in the corner, complete with sound. Whether students play the lecture downloads to the end can be monitored by the university digitally, officials said. However, the Chinese authorities intend to launch another element of the struggle,which is before them no one has yet applied.
The device is equipped with 512 GB of internal memory for storage of personal data and 6 GB. The health sector will see incredible advancements such as printable organs, predictive healthcare and more. The cell phone version, which pops up as streaming video on the handset’s tiny screen, plays just the Power Point images.

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