We’ll have a much more detailed post on the thinking behind the new design and the technology used behind the scenes to make it happen next week. The first thing you see when you login to your Cleartrip Account now is the all-new Dashboard.
Trip details screens have been simplified and made more consistent in how information is displayed for different types of bookings — flights, hotels, trains.
We’ve also made it much easier to manage your own Cleartrip profile and add useful profile details such as your frequent flyer numbers, seat and meal preferences, passport details and more. Over a year ago, we launched a feature called Express Checkout on our mobile site, which allowed customers to save their credit card details on their smartphones and make one-click flight bookings. And last but not least, we’re letting you connect your Cleartrip Account with your Facebook account. With this redesign we’ve focused on making the experience of using your Cleartrip Account cleaner, leaner and really snappy. To spare your from tedious typing and carpal tunnel syndrome, we now let you store detailed traveller profiles in your Cleartrip Account.
When you populate your Cleartrip profile, your travel bookings get streamlined as we don’t have to repeatedly ask you for the same information every time you book. No longer will you have to create a new account and forgo all your past data just to use your new email address. The number of people that started using Express Checkout surprised even the most die-hard optimists in our team.
Now it’s time to update the rest of cleartrip to match the goodness in the my account.

But it's hard to make things easy, so we've put together an experienced team with oodles of global experience in travel and ecommerce.
We’ve redesigned Cleartrip Account from the ground up to improve all of the existing features you already know and love and add some amazing new ones.
Upcoming trips show up right on your dashboard to give you an overview with handy buttons to let you print your e-tickets right away. Many of our customers book travel not just for themselves, but also for their friends and family members. Flight bookings, for instance, shows your complete itinerary along with all traveler names, PNR numbers and price breakup.
You can create as many traveller profiles as you want and populate them with details like email address, phone number, passport info and seat and meal preferences. Expressway works across devices and enables you to make blazingly fast bookings with just one click. With Facebook Connect, you can now directly import your profile picture from Facebook into your Cleartrip Account along with your profile info. What I didn’t think how could something that was already functional and beautiful be improved! Cleartrippers come in all shapes and sizes; and we're all passionate about just one thing – Making travel simple. If you don’t have any upcoming trips, the dashboard will display your most recently completed trips.
The traveller filter lets you quickly cut through the list of trips to show only those trips for which a given person is travelling — you can then share the itinerary or ticket with them, settle up costs or review complete details for their trip.

You can also print your e-ticket, share the itinerary via email or SMS or checkin online with the Trip Tools sidebar. Once you fill traveller details out, you can make bookings for these travellers without the tedium of repetitive typing.
Turn Expressway on, save your card details, name and address to book your trips with just one click payment from any PC or mobile device. Once you connect your Cleartrip Account and your Facebook account, you can automatically reach out to your network to share your travel plans.
Also new to the dashboard is MagicMeter, a little progress bar which shows whether you’re getting the most from your Cleartrip Account along with hints for what you can do to boost your MagicMeter score. Filling out contact details for people you book travel for also means you can easily share booking details with them via email and SMS. Expressway employs industry-strength 128-bit encryption to guarantee you a safe and secure way to make blazingly fast bookings without the hassles of filing out tedious online forms over and over again.
Your friends can then share their travel tips or let you know that by some serendipitous coincidence, they will also be in the same place at the same time as you. Boosting your MagicMeter score is easy — just follow the hints below the MagicMeter to boost your score.

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