CLEAR VISION OPTICAL, Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressive Lenses, Anti-Reflection, Photography, etc. This acquisition means that local businesses in Guyana will have the opportunity to truly increase brand visibility and customer engagement through Global Directories’ extensive portfolio of Directory products and Digital Advertising Solutions. Although known for connecting businesses to customers through their directory products, Global Directories has steadily expanded its portfolio, offering digital marketing solutions strengthened by partnerships with Google to provide Search Engine Marketing and Google Adwords to businesses across the region.
Global Directories Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Media House Limited and has been on the forefront of telephone book publishing for over 50 years.

Global Directories is also the most celebrated Google AdWords Partner in the Caribbean & Central America delivering digital products such as SEM, Display Advertising and Website Development.
The announcement was made during a signing ceremony at the GTT Headquarters in George Town Guyana on Tuesday January 26th. With this acquisition, Global Directories continues to cement its position as the largest Directory Publisher in the English-speaking Caribbean, boasting an impressive portfolio of 17 print telephone directories with 1.6 million copies in circulation in over 17 countries. Its Digital prowess was further cemented when the company won the 2014 & 2015 Latin America Premier SMB Partner Display Award from Google – an accolade that businesses in Guyana stand to benefit from.

Global Directories Limited publishes 16 print telephone directories in 15 countries for a combined circulation of 1.6 million copies, while its’ network of 15 online properties reaches over 2 million unique visitors with over 22 million searches annually.
In addition, its online directories span over 6,000,000 unique visitors and over 27,000,000 searches annually.

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