South Korean mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung, and T-Mobile introduce two new handset designed for texting.
The Samsung Gravity 2 comes has a thinner and sleeker design than its predecessor, the Samsung Gravity. Mobile Phones LG Electronics had launched in Korea a new model of cellphone which is the first of the company and of the country to support DMB 2.0.
LGU SU420 Korean Phone is also tagged as “Cafe Phone”, it has the ability to access 4 features or services at the same time like watching televeision while listening to radaio, surfing the net and browsing videos. This phone will surely hit the Korean Market with its coolest feature enabling its users to access series of services without a hassle. The new LG phone is already hitting the Korean Market through the SK Telecom Mobile however the price of it is yet unknown.
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Around 47,000 South Koreans own more than four mobile phones each, according to a new government report. Most multiple ownerships are legitimate business use, but the report claims that a sizeable percentage are used by criminals who provided fake ID's when buying the handsets. According to an earlier report from the Office of the Prime Minister, 60,743 cases of fake registrations were reported to the police in the year to August. Join Date Oct 2009 Posts 59 Ranking 7 Samsung Korea Launches New DMB cell Phone The Samsung SCH-W920 is the most modern DMB handset on or subsequent to the Korean oversize Samsung. Next Thread » Thread Information Users Browsing this Thread There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. The two handsets are the Samsung Comeback or SGH-t559 and the Samsung Gravity 2 or SGHt469.
DMB or the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting is a feature that is an interactive internet based television service that enable users to access series of data based services such as watching Television, surfing the net, doing electronic commerce and even stock updates. The integrated mobile TV receiver it has enabled the user to not only view or access the services but also be interactive.

The new phone is also equip with a 1250 mAh battery that provides uo tp 250 minutes in talktime and up to 220 hours in standby mode. Meanwhile, the report also showed that foreigners are barred from owning more than two phones while Korean nationals are free from such a limitation. Measuring 12.9mm thin as well as weighing at just 96grams, the 3G HSPDA phone chains Bluetooth, VOD as well as MOD, DMB TV, two digital cameras (300k as well as 3MP), TOEIC as well as TOEFL tests, an English vocabulary, as well as a siren SOS fright. Both handsets have QWERTY keyboards.The stylish Samsung Comeback comes with a unique side-flip that reveals the full QWERTY keyboard. Packing in one single phone the ability to access series of services is surely an amazing and exciting feature that every techie lover would adore. However, SK Telecom will permit selected "superior" customers such as US military officers, diplomats or corporate employees to have two phones where necessary.
It has a modest color display and comes with a 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom and a microSD card lot.

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