Lately, Samsung released its flagship smartphone for the year - the Galaxy S4 in India at a price of Rs 41,500. Answer and end calls directly from the Jabra CLEAR, and check battery levels and connectivity at a glance with the built-in status display. Free up your hands to swipe, browse and play with the new Jabra CLEAR, the Bluetooth headset that lets you get more from your smartphone.

Multimedia streaming lets you listen to music, GPS directions and even Internet radio directly through your Jabra CLEAR. By going hands free, you choose exactly when you want to manage your smartphone hands-on and when you want quick and easy access to your calls, songs and media without any wires or hassle. When you’re on the phone, DSP technology automatically adjusts the sound on your calls to best suit your surroundings, so that every word comes through in astounding detail.

Below is a slideshow listing of the Galaxy S4 accessories which are available in India right now.

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