Photo Contacts PRO is a contact, ring tone and Photo Caller ID manager for your touchscreen Windows Mobile smartphone!  The fully featured picture contact manager lets you assign distinctive ring tones to contacts and contact categories on your phone. During an incoming call, you will easily see who is calling you on the Pocket PC's screen before you choose to answer. The software titles listed above are compatible with touchscreen Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones, and will not run on non-touchscreen Windows Mobile devices. With all the mobile apps out there today how are you supposed to know which app or service to get to fake your caller ID? SpoofCard also offers the most features for your money, with free call recording, free voice changing, call recording sharing, toll-free and local access numbers, international caller ID faking, and even a Facebook app to fake your caller ID while you're logged in to the worlds largest social network!

If you're looking for software for Windows Mobile devices without touchscreens, visit the Windows Mobile Smartphone Software Center. Intelligently add photographs to your contacts then browse, create and edit your contacts with photographs utilizing the four intelligent contact browsing views. You can even earn free SpoofCard minutes with the Facebook app, by sharing your funniest recordings with your friends.
Photo Contacts PRO also lets you send email, SMS messages and share photos with other users. The fly-by-night competitors can't guarantee your calling card or PIN number will be valid for spoofing in the future.

With the highest quality data centers and VoIP servers, you'll also get the best call quality on your faked calls.

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