Our research has shown that PrePay mobile phone deals from mobile phone networks are the best way to have a mobile phone contract for those people who have previously suffered poor credit ratings.
If you've poor credit history, then see our FAQs relating to bad credit mobile phone contacts to see if we can answer your questions. Vodafone Flexi Cap deals give you plenty of credit, freedom and 30 days to use it all on a credit friendly prepaid agreement. On Dodo’s cheap mobile cap plans you’ll receive a handset and free calls to other mobiles on the Optus network! Since then my spending habits have improved but I still have a bad credit report meaning its hard to get a mobile phone contract on an australian network. If you already have a mobile phone contract and wish to remain a postpay or contract customer, then you may be better staying with your current phone network.
Like any financial transaction, mobile phone networks use a credit scoring system to determine what level of contract they can offer you and one that also best suits them. If you’ve every suffered from a poor credit rating or have a history of bad debt, then prepaid is the best option for you.

Most prepaid deals are bundled with free calls and text messages, some even have data included too! If you aren't instantly approved for a postpay mobile phone contract, PrePay or Capped may give you a better mobile phone deal.
Most companies have tightened their belts following the global credit crisis meaning people are finding it more difficult to buy on credit, not just mobile phones!
You’ll pay in advance of using your phone, topping it up as and when it runs out of credit or after an agreed time has elapsed.
You should determine how you use your mobile phone and choose a prepaid mobile phone deal that best suits your usage.
Are you having trouble getting approved for a mobile contract because of your credit score. We are confident that if you use our site, you will increase your chances of getting approved for a mobile contract, even if you have been denied in the past.
Mobile phone networks have, over the past few years, realised that not everyone has a perfect credit score and are now offering better prepaid options.

Have you wondered if there was a way for you to get a phone without getting your credit checked?
Get started now by browsing through all of our information and seeing which deals are right for you.
You don't have to sign up for anything, and all of our information is available to everyone at no charge.
Before you know it you could be approved for a mobile contract and have that phone you've been waiting for.
Even if you decide to get one of the phones found on our website, you won't be charged anything extra. By using the information found on this site, you can get a mobile contract you like, all without having your credit score checked.

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