In order to make your web content visible to the rapidly growing Chinese market, you need to optimize your website for Baidu, the country’s leading search engine. The good news is that all of the SEO best practices that you are already following for Google are a good starting point for Baidu.
A global provider of software engineering and application services, Dextrys is a world-class team of web, mobile, software testing and cloud services professionals. Baidu tends to be one step behind Google’s advances in their crawler algorithm updates. Including the best key words in your content is just as critical for Baidu SEO as for Google. Though not the most heavily weighted factor, Baidu crawlers prefer websites that are hosted in China, and preferably the ones that have .cn domain name. For instance, meta keywords can still boost your ratings in Baidu and Baidu does not weigh the quality of inbound links like Google does.

Be sure to look up both all-Chinese and combination Chinese-English keywords to determine the best keywords to use for improving search results for your pages.
Amazon Web Service’s recent announcement that they are opening a China data center could make transition to China-based servers easier for Western companies. WeChat includes a number of powerful extensions, such as the “Official Account”, which can be used as a marketing tool, and a payment service that allows purchase directly through WeChat. Be warned, though, that over time, Baidu’s algorithms will probably reduce the value of those techniques. Most people in mainland China use simplified Chinese characters (???) in their writing and in their searches. Since the lines between web and mobile are being increasingly blurred, using WeChat can become a great way to do digital marketing and mobile commerce.

Frequently, though, Chinese people will use an English word rather than it’s Chinese translation.
Specialized business terms are most likely to remain as English or a mix of English and Chinese.

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