If you have already enrolled for Aadhar Card and if you want to update details on Aadhaar Card like Date of Birth, Address, Name, Mobile Number etc. Aadhar Card enrollment was started few years back and at that there is no online provision to update mobile number of your Aadhaar Card. Online Method: If your mobile number is already registered with UIDAI, then you can only go with the online method. Offline or Postal Method: If your mobile number is not previously registered with UIDAI, then you can go with Offline method. Next click on Get OTP You will get a one time pin(OTP) on your registered mobile number within 10 seconds. After successfully submitting the update request of mobile number, you will get a Update Request Number(URN) on the screen and also get the SMS notification on your mobile number. Next, enter your 14 digit Aadhar Number, your registered name, date of birth and other important details on the form. Please be noted that it’s mandatory to fill the form in CAPITAL LETTERS and both in english and your local language too. Once the new mobile number will be added to your Aadhar card, you will get a confirmation SMS on your new registered mobile number. Nayla Kidd’s distressed family said it’s unlike the engineering student to miss final exams and not contact her mother.
One day after Nayla Kidd’s family distributed flyers of the missing sophomore, New York City Police told the New York Daily News the Columbia University student apparently changed her mobile phone and bank account numbers.
If you are looking for a way to file your taxes quickly, at the last minute from your iPhone or iPad this is the list of apps and services you need to know about.
There are many free or affordable iPhone tax apps and services that allow you to do your taxes, file on the go and sign up for a refund in less than 30 minutes.
If you don’t have time to do your 2013 taxes by the end of April 15th 2014 you should file for a tax extension.

For users that are still planning to file taxes on April 15th, here is a rundown of apps and services you can user to file up until the last minute and make payments or get your refund flowing. If you are planning to do your taxes on the iPhone or iPad these three apps will help you complete the taxes using your information, file online or by mail and get your return in on time. TurboTax SnapTax is a free download that lets users take a photo of their W2 and get started filing 2013 taxes instantly. The TurboTax SnapTax app includes a free federal e-file and charges $14.99 for a state return. TaxAct offers an iPad tax app that lets users prepare and e-file or print a t2013 tax return. In addition to guiding users through entering information there are many areas where it will ask users for life events that can influence deductions and other savings.
H&R Block also offers a Tax Prep app for iPad owners that walks users through the federal tax process.
If the thought of doing your own taxes is overwhelming, you can use these apps to find a tax professional in your area, that might be able to help you do your taxes before the deadline. The H&R Tax App for iPhone will help you find a local Tax prep office that can do your 2013 taxes for you. If you have a favorite map app for your iPhone open it up and type in tax, taxes or accountants and you’ll see a list of local places where you can go to get tax help. These iPhone and iPad apps won’t help you do your taxes, but they will help you find a post office that will mail your taxes for you on time and check your refund. The USPS Mobile app will help you locate the nearest post office, see their hours and find the last pickup time. If you’ve already filed your 2013 taxes you can use the MyTaxRefund app to track your refunds from the federal government and the state return. Then you are on the right place here i will tell you here a complete guide to How to Correct Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card online and offline.

Now the government has made the things very easy if you want to correct any of your details on Aadhaar Card. Because an One Time Pin will be sent to your registered mobile number while using online facility. You can go back to the previous page and Modify your details if you want to make any changes.
I recommend you to have a look on how to download, fill and submit Aadhar Card Correction form. She prides herself on doing her very best in school,” said LaCreis Kidd, a professor at the University of Louisville. We show you how to use IRS Form 4868 to get an automatic six month tax extension from the iPhone, iPad or a computer. The app will ask a variety of questions to help learn about your situation and any deductibles and according to the description can help you file your taxes in 10 minutes. If your city charges taxes you will need to use the info provided on the federal tax return to manually fill that out.
There are some in app purchases including $9.99 to prepare the taxes, which includes free e-file. This app won’t actually let you do your taxes, but it is a fast way to find a local tax professional and see how long they are open, which is usually only until 6PM local time.
To do that you will still need to pay any taxes you owe, and this is best done with a printer and envelope handy.

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