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All Databases are well segregated in excel sheets on the basis of city, state and category and are kept in separate folders.
All India Database size is 3.72 GB and which will be sent through courier in DVD once the payment is done from your side.
Direct marketing services firm V12 Group debuted a revised consumer database that includes mobile data.The result of a year's worth of work, the V12 Mobile Phone Database currently has 61 million triple-verified mobile records, according to the Red Bank, NJ-based company. Editor in Chief Mickey Alam Khan covers advertising agencies, associations, research and mobile marketing issues, as well as column submissions. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Nokia 112 packs a 0.3-megapixel primary camera on the rear. Summary: GlucoComm is an application to download your glucose readings from the Accu-Check line of glucose meters.

Summary: Engineered to help you extend your support from mobile devices for Microsoft SQL Servers, Siccolo mobile management tool is a portable administration tool for Microsoft SQL Server. Enter unit price for the travel, input the start & end of your odometer and let the software calculate the claims for you. Summary: BitsInside Expenses is a fully featured expense tracker equally suited for business and personal use. Summary: You enter basic information about fuelling and RadiusFuel supplies the statistical evaluations and monitors gas consumption.
Summary: BizOrg provides the best place to store your Notes and Tasks, organize Contacts and Journal.
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The launch comes soon after V12 inaugurated DM360, a Web-based service that melds email and direct mail for localized direct marketing."Our clients are starting to see a surge of phone numbers being provided at point of sale and, as a result, their match rates were falling off," said Jeff M.

With a single click the created form is uploaded to your Pocket PC and automatically displayed with XSForms. Berke, executive vice president of sales and marketing at V12."A lot of those phone numbers they were getting were mobile numbers, which blocked their ability to match the number to a person, which would enable them to market using purchase behavior," he said. Introducing the mobile phone channel to the consumer database, V12 will offer consumer data that includes every major touch point, including postal address, email and mobile and landline phone numbers.The V12 Mobile Phone Database is said to be verified weekly and compiled from credible sources, the company claims.
Berke said."We believe you can use some of these other channels for opt-in to receive SMS communications from companies," he said. We'll give you a better offer if you opt in for email and SMS messaging."So if the database is not available for use in sending permission-based SMS messages, what utility does it have?"It is effective for the ability to verify or clear an existing mobile number on a database or to append to an existing customer database as a means to improve the match with postal information or other marketing channel information," Mr.

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