Recently, Samsung announced formal introduction of a phone with a flexible OLED screen and finally came up with the Galaxy Round. The design is quite similar to the Galaxy Note III and uses a screen with a slight curve with a 5.68-inch Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED display. The first thing you notice when you pick up the LG DoublePlay may be its weight; at nearly 7 ounces the phones certainly has some heft to it. LG added new elements to the UI, such as the weather widget, digital click and a slightly modified notification bar.
Like most people, you may feel skeptical with its unique dual-display design, because it may seem like a gimmick.
Although multi-tasking is not a new thing in Android realm, the extra display makes things easier to manage.
If you have been using a Mobile Phone device in recent years, it is time to consider getting a new Mango handset.
The phone has unibody aluminum design and plastic pieces around the camera and at the bottom. This may cause some serious restrictions as the internal storage is only 8GB (only 6GB is actually usable).
When you tap on a song, a full music player is no longer displayed, instead a basic set of controls show up at the upper part of the screen.
At the upper part of the interface, users can find a small thumbnail, which can give users a different interface when tapped. The HTC’s latest offering bound to bring you to another world which may critically threaten your busy daily life during first week of use. Unfortunately, its 1750 mAH may leave you high and dry as it can only provide you with a few hours of intense usages.
However, if we disregard its abominable battery life, we are left with an impressive camera-phone and the 42Mbps HSPA+ connection is a dangling carrot that we can’t resist easily. HTC Sensation is sporting a classy dark-gray and black color scheme and is remarkably sturdy. The HTC Sensation 4G will arrive in stores by June 15 and offered for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate with a two-year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan. As a social media marketer, anything that could, in any way, improve the quality of my images is highly welcomed. The solid and firm phone, with dual keyboards – QUERTY and virtual, comes with a SIM card, USB cables and an Adapter. The camera shutter is positioned at the back of the phone, with the microUSB slot and an LED flash light and you don’t have to unlock phone to power it and take a shot. When rating the device based on the soundness of it’s applications, I can say that my Touch is relatively fast and runs smoothly. The enhanced GPS access makes it highly functional; travelling to a new state becomes quite easy as your paths are perfectly and automatically tracked.
Some people are of the opinion that Samsung copied the iphone 4 in designing it’s T-Mobile Nexus S 4G, and that have resulted to a heavy legal battle between the two IT giants.
The Nexus is as thin as the iphone 4 and that is the major reason behind it’s been branded a pirated phone. The phone is amazingly sleek and well designed with fine leather that ensures a comfortable grip, and prevents it sleek surface from slipping of the hand.
I find it hard to believe that there is anyone who would opt for a compact screen phone over a large one. The phone’s design and handy applications make it possible for pages and other pre-installed programs to open readily.
On a particular occasion, the phone fell of from my hand and crash-landed on a tiled floor. I would recommend the T-Mobile Samsung Nexus S 4G for anybody for ample of reasons: for someone like me that stays almost 18hrs online, a fast and reliable internet connection is but a huge necessity.
Getting a smartphone may be beneficial to you in a lot many ways as you can hope to avail of all those best features and add-on in it which are rarely found in other phones. The list of best features of the myTouch 4G definitely starts with a description of its powerfully integrated camera, the 8 megapixel camera that packs a range of advanced features like 1080p video recording, dual LED flash, an illuminated sensor on the backside of the phone, zero shutter lag, HDR format and burst mode.
However, there are additional brilliant features to further retain your interest in the handset. The T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide will be made available for sale in the market of US only and that is too towards July, priced at $199.99 with a new contract of 2-years.
You can either purchase this mobile phone in attractive orchid or eye-catching carbon color.
With this superb compact phone, you would also enjoy Bluetooth, 3G, WLAN, wi-fi, mini USB, 5 mega pixel camera, stereo FM radio with RDS, VGA video call camera, MP3 player, voice memo, pocket office & GPS with A-GPS support.
This phone will keep you entertained with a choice of your favorite songs via the MP3, AAC player that this mobile phone comes equipped with.
You can enjoy up to 600 hours of standby time and 6 hours of talk time with the help of the dynamic lithium Lon battery.
This phone also comes with many other interesting features such as voice memo, MP3 player, digital compass, java via third party application, HTML browser, android operating system, video calling, mini USB & a lot more. The T-mobile G2 touch mobile has been introduced as a sensation in the field of mobile communication. If you want to communicate without picking up the phone in your hand, just activate speaker phone. The phone comes equipped with a lithium Lon 1350 MAH battery that provides up to 440 hours of standby time & 8 hours of talk time.
It is said that with more dynamic introductions of applications to this device in future, the phone will become the most powerful smartphone available on the market for users. The actual display of Android G1 measures 3.2 inches diagonally and possesses a 320 x 480 resolution.
The Android G1 has some fabulous voice features such as superior quality voice dialing, speed dialing, speaker phone and conference calling. The phone has been designed in a fashion to provide the best of mobile communication features to the modern age user. The much popular T-mobile of USA has come up with a new model under the category of its awesome mobile communication devices.
It is a time for celebration and jubilation as T-mobile has recently announced the availability of the latest invention named myTouch 3G smartphone. The phone has been integrated with a fabulous touch screen display combined with virtual keyboard that goes really well with the slim, sleek and compact design. Since the myTouch 3G is a real smartphone, T-mobile has not left any stone unturned to provide it a whole range of features that a smartphone of the modern age is supposed to deliver it’s 3.2-inch HVGA touch screen display in conjunction with a superb virtual keyboard. You would simply adore the powerful mobile web experience that visits you with the help of super fast data speeds through wi-fi and efficacious 3G network. The smartphone by T-mobile is not only about good looks customizable features camera and entertaining features. The phone is also built in a way to provide real easy access to personal as well as corporate email including fabulous support for Gmail, Exchange and a lot of other IMAP email and POP3 services. You would also be benefited with instant messaging services in conjunction with Google Talk, AOL, Yahoo! The phone come equipped with a lot of interesting features that would instantly give fabulous experience of communication to the consumer while on the go. On the top edge of T Mobile’s Sidekick LX 2009, you would find the much desired two shoulder buttons. To blow away all its rivals and to reach at a position which no one has ever dreamt of, is soon coming Nokia with its far best invention “Nokia 6650 T-Mobile”. The screen doesn’t disappoint anyone as the visibility that it provides is clear and vivid, even in bright sunlight. The ultimate thing without which the phone is useless can’t be neglected and so there’s present a power packed 1500mAh battery to make the life of the handset a long and lasting one.Just imagine, Can you live without this awesome technology? Various leading smartphone retailers have already made the T-Mobile G2 available to the global digital market, but T-Mobile – despite being one of the top distributors of smartphones in the US – isn’t one of them.
This new announcement from T-Mobile would make the G2 the retailer’s first device they have for sale that’s HSPA+ enabled.
The phone’s internet browser also supports Adobe Flash to ensure undisrupted web-surfing experience as well as access to a wider range of applications that require Flash to work.
And of course, the Android OS only means that users will be exposed to a growing number of varied applications for the smartphone. T-Mobile says that the Android powered G2 will now be available from the company within the US.
The T-mobile vairy touch has been introduced with a vision to provide a mobile communication device to the users that would stand for them for all their needs white on the go. When it comes to display, this awesome phone does not leave any stone unturned to make the consumer feel special.
The T-mobile vairy touch has also been equipped with some real exciting downloadable MP3 & polyphonic ring tones. Now, when it comes to what makes this phone really unique, there are several things involved.
This display comes with many other wonderful features such full QWERTY keyboard, handwriting recognition, touch FLO 3D finger swipe navigation & accelerometer sensor for auto rotate.
You can easily store a lot of stuff on this mobile phone with the help of 288 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM and an additional microSD (Trans flash) card. You would also enjoy clicking fabulous pictures with the dynamic 3.15 mega pixel camera that has been integrated with this phone. There are many other interesting features you would enjoy while using this phone such as mini USB, VGA video, secondary VGA video call camera HTML browser, SMS, MMS, email & instant messaging. T-Mobile has published some very interesting findings regarding Black Friday shopping, particularly how people view the experience and tend to want to stay away due to all the chaotic goings-on usually associated with the day. While the company will still likely offer Black Friday specials of its own, T-Mobile is featuring a pretty killer sale ahead of time for some of you Samsung fans to get your devices sooner than usual. Both classic and value plan customers will be able to get in on these deals, and each respective set of customers will have different up-front prices, as usual. A new survey1 by Kelton Research uncovered that holiday shoppers don’t feel that Black Friday is worth their time, with 51 percent reporting that nothing could entice them to stand in line. The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of T-Mobile’s fastest 4G (HSPA+ 42 technology) smartphones.

This pre-holiday sale will be available at participating T-Mobile retail stores nationwide. This press release contains forward-looking statements that reflect the current views of Deutsche Telekom management with respect to future events. In addition to figures prepared in accordance with IFRS, Deutsche Telekom also presents non-GAAP financial performance measures, including, among others, EBITDA, EBITDA margin, adjusted EBITDA, adjusted EBITDA margin, adjusted EBIT, adjusted net income, free cash flow, gross debt and net debt. Samsung is showing off its flexible display technology by rolling out a 5.7-inch OLED panel into a small cylinder. If you want a top quality all-in-one way to digest your vast collection of music, videos, photos and podcasts, though, you’ll have a hard time finding anything better than Kodi. Some code found hidden inside of a new Google Photos update is showing references to an exclusive perk for Nexus device owners: unlimited original quality photo backups.
The new “Display size” options in Android N are great, but did you know there was a hidden setting that can shrink things down even smaller?
However, after awhile, it should be fun to use, because you can watch a YouTube video while replying to an incoming email or shuffle through the music player while keeping the web browser open. However, the design has its flaws, not only the phone is thick; the physical QWERTY keyboard makes the extra display smaller. The HTC Radar 4G is currently available at T-Mobile stores and through select dealers and retailers. Users may find it disappointing that there is no MicroSD memory slot and that the battery is non-removable.
The 1GHz processor should be adequate in most situations as Mango can run quite well on slower processor. However, T-Mobile subscribers may need to wait a little longer or perhaps forever to get an iPhone 4S with contract. But as with anyone who has seen the “E” symbol on their devices, the whole experience is atrociously slow.
Overall, T-Mobile current devices can stack up with the iPhone 4S in terms of user experience, features, speed and functionality.
However, AT&T’s attempt could be derailed because the merger is considered as anti-competitive by the Department of Justice. You can play and pause the song; jump to another track, move along the track, change the volume and that’s about it. The built-in browser can render webpages swiftly, even if they are loaded with Flash and other plug-ins.
Sure, we can rigorously adjust the display’s brightness and turn off unnecessary connectivity options until we are close to an outlet. At the end of the day, you should decide whether the HTC Amaze is a good buy, especially if you’re tired of listening to the media about the over-hyped iPhone 4S that has weaker hardware by comparison. Of all the 4.3-inch Android phones out there, HTC Sensation 4G stands out as the most attractive and beautifully designed smartphone sold these days. Another improvement is the availability of an optical trackpad that helps you roam around the screen. The clicks, scrolls and applications loading rates happens the way I want them, in fact there is absolutely no difference, I observed, with my laptop.
With the both batteries fully charged, you’re sure of a complete day of usage without running out. Well from the point of view of an end user, like myself, there is a striking difference between the two phones. If you happened to purchase a Nexus S, you could go into frenzy from searching for the phone’s microUSB as was the case with me.
I was sure my supposedly fragile phone has shattered, but to my greatest surprise, nothing happened to it, except for a few scratch. It mustn’t be that you have to carry your laptop around to stay connected, portability too is a very much desired factor. This ensures that anybody trying a hand on the camera is sure to forget whether it is a professional hi-tech camera or simply a phone in his hands. Now, with access to such great and super fast technologies, one can think of instantly uploading his photos and videos to the social networking sites like Facebook, Flicker, Picasa or to anything in minutes! It will appear in two amazing colors- Black and the very unconventional Khaki. So, a few more days’ wait is still to digest for those restless mobile freaks and passionate photographers! Torque mobile phones has this ongoing sale there is no specific details until when is the sale will end but it still sound interesting because as what was stated in the print ad “Until supply last.” So probably you now know what they are trying to imply. Typing and scrolling through the phone’s menu is easy with the help of a 20-key QWERTY keyboard available on this phone.
Just activate the speaker phone feature & you can enjoy hands free communication without any hassles. This display also comes with other interesting navigation, swivel display & full QWERTY keyboard. There is also an option of setting the phone on downloadable polyphonic & MP3 ring tones.
This phone also comes equipped with a photo call feature that lets you set pictures for every caller.
You can easily access face book, my space, photo bucket, twitter & you tube application via this phone. You on even set the phone on various exciting downloadable MP3, polyphonic & WAV ring tones. The T-mobile MDA compact V has a phone book that can hold unlimited entries & field for you. The 3G technology is one of the most prized features in the field of mobile communication, today.
The T-mobile dash 3G phone can also let you organizer you important task with a feature known as poket office. This phone provides excellent opportunities to the users with the help of 3.15 mega pixel camera. The specific requirement of modern age consumer has been kept in mind when creating this device. It features fantastic full QWERTY keyboard to facilitate typing, 3G support, wi-fi for faster data transfer, GPS and Bluetooth for excellent wireless facilities. It has got a dynamic Google Android operating system to provide excellent integration with Google application and faster access to the Amazon mp3 store as well as YouTube. It utilizes full HTML browsing in addition to Java support and this allows you to surf every website.
If you are seriously integrated in purchasing a super cool looking and amazing features, don’t look any further than Android G1. The phone will serve to be the most awaited follower to the popular T-mobile G1, the world’s first ever mobile communication device powered with Android. The myTouch 3G facilitates users to come up with a real unique and personalized mobile communication experience. The phone has been integrated with some great multitasking capabilities as well as the one-touch access to the google services used by millions of people on a daily basis such as, Picasa, Google Maps, YouTube and a lot more. It has combined design with rich features in a way to provide the best to the modern age consumer. All the important buttons such as the Menu button, jump button, cancel button and the Done buttons are right at their own places. As a user you will be really happy to use features like the AGPS capacity, geotagging of photographs, and a lot lot more.
This, however, has changed for the better since T-Mobile announced that they will already be offering the device up for sale both online and local branches.
With the help of touch screen technology, the display also features a Swype on-screen QWERTY keyboard as an alternative to the phone’s QWERTY keyboard.
This is coupled with features that will allow you to automatically upload photos taken to your Photobucket account. This is good especially in the case of the G2, since it sports the very recent 2.2 Froyo version of the open source OS. Prices haven’t been confirmed yet, but buyers will be able to preorder by visiting the T-Mobile website. Remain in a relaxing mode while communication with the help of speaker phone features of this phone. This phone is available in stunning black color and will keep you entertained with an MP3 player & stereo FM radio. Long story short, T-Mobile pretty much found that people are getting tired of the long lines, rude shoppers and potentially dangerous situations that can arise during such heated shopping events, so it’s doing something about it.
For this Friday and Saturday only, T-Mobile customers can get almost any 4G Samsung phone (notably missing is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2) for the low cost of absolutely nothing. That means if you want a $200 Samsung phone for free, you’re going to have to pay $200 for it up front and wait for a mail-in rebate to take effect.
The classic customers will still need to sign new two-year contracts, while the value plan customers will be subject to a monthly installment agreement to pay off the rest of their phones. Get your shopping fingers ready for this Friday and head to T-Mobile’s site if you are interesting in taking advantage of all this.
Yet 72 percent responded that finding reasonable prices is most important to them when shopping during the winter holidays. This holiday season, data-hungry smartphone customers can enjoy “Unlimited Cheer” with T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. With an intuitive design, the Galaxy S III enables customers to effortlessly share photos, videos and more to a compatible TV or other Galaxy S III devices. These forward-looking statements may include statements with regard to the expected development of revenue, earnings, profits from operations, depreciation and amortization, cash flows and personnel-related measures. These non-GAAP measures should be considered in addition to, but not as a substitute for, the information prepared in accordance with IFRS. Before anyone could even get their hands on the phone, Samsung is unveiling the phone in an official unboxing video. The newest version includes performance and UI tweaks in addition to a handful of new features.
If someone unsuccessfully tries to unlock your phone, Third Eye snaps a photo with the front-facing camera. Depending on your preference, you can even activate a tablet UI on your smartphone — no root required.

Regardless of which mode you use, the pictures will come out great in normal lighting conditions. Inside the box, you’ll find the handset, charger cable, USB data cable, Quick Start guide and SIM card.
After a $50 mail in rebate and with a 2-year service agreement, the phone costs only $99.99. HTC Radar 4G also lacks digital compass and there’ll be a limit on the type of applications you can use. Without acquisition, T-Mobile might not survive in the highly competitive industry, as the company has suffered from the mass exodus of contract customers.
All hats in the room should be tipped to the speedy Qualcomm chip, as lags won’t crop up even if you use the phone intensively. The Sensation 4G also became the debut smartphone of HTC that supports its watch movie streaming service. Besides, you can fit as many information as you want on the screen without fear of getting illegible.  Moreover, the processor is extremely fast. That said, lets consider what makes the Nexus S a little different and what anybody should know before opting for one. A phone that can be easily pocketed with no risk of slipping out of your pocket has the very much desired edge over other. So, T-Mobile by adding the myTouch 4G handset to the list of its smartphones has done quite a wise job as the demand and the appreciation for the new concept of this new phone is sure and soon to cross the limits.
Moreover, the built-in editing feature of the video clips captured through the phone further enhances the fun of handling it. Torque Mobile Phones has wide variety of offering such as dual sim dual standby with TV, triple sim, TV with wifi, android phones just name it and they have it. If you want to have some fun with your calls, just use the photo call feature and set different pictures for your caller.
A 2 mega pixel camera has been integrated in to this phone so that you can click some amazing pictures from the memories of you life. The standard 1250 MAH lithium Lon battery is powerful enough to provide you up to 192 hours of standby time and up to 5 hours of talk time. This feature lets you access word, PDF viewer, excel & power point files on your mobile phone. This phone has been effectively integrated with outstanding mobile communication features to let you enjoy the best of what you can expect in a modern cellular phone. This TFT capacitive touch screen works towards displaying 65K colors at 320×480 pixels resolution.
There is also a facility to set your phone on downloadable polyphonic, WAV & MP3 ring tones.
The phone has a touchscreen that automatically switches the screen orientation from portrait to landscape mode as you slide open the phone. The phone can be referred to as a superb effort by the company to benefit from the current trend and craze for smartphones among consumers.
The phone comes with features that every mobile communication device lover would like to vouch for. Incidentally, the G2 is the first HSPA+ enabled and Android supported smartphone in the industry. The handset is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 for a processor – an 800MHz CPU that’s a must have for HSPA+ capability. The OS would come complete with an application suite of the most popular Google applications for the Android, including, but not limited to Google Talk, Maps, Search, and Gmail. The standard lithium Lon battery is dynamic enough to facilitate you up to 180 hours of standby time & 3 hours of talk time. 12, 2012 — Shift your holiday shopping into high gear with T-Mobile® this November and get ahead of the Black Friday rush. This holiday season, T-Mobile is helping consumers combat the stress of Black Friday while they enjoy great value with its pre-holiday sale.
Offering customers the ultimate worry-free experience, unlimited data plans feature no data caps, no speed limits and no overages on T-Mobile’s network, as well as fast, dependable nationwide 4G coverage.
Featuring a beautiful 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED® screen, the Galaxy S III packs a powerful entertainment experience, which allows customers to watch HD movies and TV shows, download apps, and securely browse the Web. Non-GAAP financial performance measures are not subject to IFRS or any other generally accepted accounting principles. When you return to your phone and unlock it, Third Eye delivers a notification with the photo. It is supposed to make multi-tasking easier, because you can do two things at once more easily. HSPA+ is faster than the actual 3G connection in the US and by some; it is marketed as a 4G technology, which is somewhat misleading. Users also need to tap the “More” category, to see iTunes content, audiobooks and podcasts. HTC made no mistake by hyperbolically named the device as it can live up to our expectation.
The front-end of HTC Sensation is almost all-screen with a silver earpiece on top of the screen display as well as the front-facing VGA camera. The drop down notification is another plus which shows recently running apps and notifications.
One thing I can comfortably say about this phone Is that it’s second to no other Android phone when you talk about video and image quality. For those that love physical and large keyboard, this phone would be a delight to have, as it’s made of wide 4-row QUERTY keyboard, with each key well spaced out. I beg to emphasize that the Wi-Fi calls are not free, even though it’s internet based, you activate it with your credit. Probably they have the lowest priced phone yet in the Philippines at P649 the E65 single sim calculator like phone. An additional microSD (Trans flash) card slot will serve for storage memory of up to 8GB for you. The display has also been equipped with a lot of other features such as handwriting recognition, touch f10 3D finger swipe navigation, touch sensitive zoom bar & accelerometer sensor for auto rotate. You would be happy to know that the display also comes equipped with amazing features such as sense UI, multi touch and accelerometer sensor for auto rotate. As if this was not all, the phone provides a wide range of Android market software applications to opt from.
The LX interface will let you find various places where you can actually use the right shoulder to scroll through dialogs. Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, most of which are difficult to predict and are generally beyond Deutsche Telekom’s control. Well, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, 6 might hate 7 because it might be completely forgotten about as Samsung potentially leaps to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for this year’s launch.
DoublePlay carries a similar concept, but LG decided to make it more complex by throwing in a QWERTY keyboard into the mix.
On iPhone with iOS 5, it’s possible to determine which categories that should be displayed at the bottom. The virtual keyboard is so much alike to earlier Sense keyboards which are characterized by full-size keys, long-press options and smooth hap tic feedback. Quick settings for GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile Network, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspot are on the other tab. Permit me to say that ever since I purchased this phone, I’ve not had any need, whatsoever, for a camera.
Every necessary applications that could enhance the usage of the phone came with it – like the T-Mobile TV, Double Twist Sync, TeleNav GPS, Netflix and a couple of others.
On the other hand, the phone is more than fortified with other features to compensate for the micoUSB.
Whenever the phone is connected to the 4G network, pages open as readily as you click the links.
Every single thing, except for its no-key design, makes the T-Mobile Samsung Nexus S 4G a more preferred choice. I think they also hold the first dual sim android phone in the Philippines the droids dual priced at P7999. There are also other features such as volume controls, power buttons and standard mini USB jack for charging. You can easily send and receive MMS and emails to and fro your mobile phone to other mobile communication devices.
16– 17, customers can purchase a Samsung 4G smartphone, including the wildly popular Samsung Galaxy S® III, for free with qualifying plans. Among the factors that might influence our ability to achieve our objectives are the progress of our workforce reduction initiative and other cost-saving measures, and the impact of other significant strategic, labor or business initiatives, including acquisitions, dispositions and business combinations, and our network upgrade and expansion initiatives. A very nice addition though is the Trace text input method that closely resembles Swype that lets you input words by simply sketching lines over the letters.
But since the phone is operated only with it’s virtual keys, it means that it would consume more time than normal to write up a text. In addition, stronger than expected competition, technological change, legal proceedings and regulatory developments, among other factors, may have a material adverse effect on our costs and revenue development. The power button at the top edge of the phone is slightly difficult to manage with just one hand, while the headphone jack is also found here. Further, the economic downturn in our markets, and changes in interest and currency exchange rates, may also have an impact on our business development and the availability of financing on favorable conditions. Changes to our expectations concerning future cash flows may lead to impairment write downs of assets carried at historical cost, which may materially affect our results at the group and operating segment levels. If these or other risks and uncertainties materialize, or if the assumptions underlying any of these statements prove incorrect, our actual performance may materially differ from the performance expressed or implied by forward-looking statements. Without prejudice to existing obligations under capital market law, we do not assume any obligation to update forward-looking statements to take new information or future events into account or otherwise.

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