Product Introduction BSJ Mine explosion proof intrinsically safe mobile phone is coal mine wireless communication system of radio terminal device. Being the professional manufacturer of cell phone tower, we can undertake, design, fabricate and erect too many types of cell phone tower over ten years. For a better browsing experience and to properly view all of the features of our website, please upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer.
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We would appreciate suggestions on how we can improve the content on our website.Please note that we will not respond to the feedback you provide on this form. Whether buying age restricted merchandise, such as alcohol, or claiming your identity for official purposes, such as a marriage license, loan application, or for a notary public, IdentityX provides the option to go beyond simply checking the picture and can require the card’s owner to authenticate using their phone, their PIN, and their biometrics.IdentityX also makes existing ID cards more secure by eliminating any reason to counterfeit a card. We doesn't provide mobile cell phone products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully.
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However, if that card is registered through IdentityX, then when the card is presented a request is made to the card owner’s registered phone. For a completely forged card, there will be no registered IdentityX record, and the card will be denied.

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