Google Latitude was retired on August 9th, 2013 and the service is no longer available as an app. The Bottom Line: The best free app available, complicated invitation-process, especially if you have an Android! Google Latitude is the most accurate and advanced free location app that exists at the moment.
Since Google Latitude uses all the available technologies for location tracking, the accuracy is really good. When we tested it we got the accuracy to about 10-15 meters with full 3G coverage and good Wi-Fi coverage.
Latitude is one of the few popular phone tracker that exists on the most popular smartphones as an app. Google Latitude therefore has to be “turned on” when needed or your friends have to regularly “Check-In” on a location in order for you to follow them.
However, if you are all have Android phones (Google’s own mobile OS) luckily you can install apps that will better regulate battery drain from GPS usage and thus minimise the risk of your phone being depleted. Functional design but not really the sexiest design ever, pretty typical for Google’s design in general – “minimalistic boring”.

Google Latitude phone tracker app has a cool feature that you can add pictures to your Google account that comes up on the marking of the location.
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If you want to add a person to track their phone that does not have a Google account it is a little more complicated since you first have to have an account to add your friends to Latitude. For that purpose, we recommend trying something more user friendly, like Lociloci or a personal GPS device.
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