Details about how to change the mobile operator without changing Mobile number, Mobile portability, steps to convert your mobile operator, cost for Mobile portability are explained here. Change your Mobile phone Operator without changing Phone numbers from Jan 20th 2011Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) already announced about Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Tamilnadu and in India . Related ArticlesMobile Number Portability(MNP) in India This article is about the newly introduced scheme in India.

TRAI stared that subscribers in tamilnadu and in rest of India will be able to change their mobile service providers without changing the phone number.
We can covert within GSM service providers in Tamilnadu or within CDMA service providers in Tamilnadu or from GSM to CDMA service in Tamilnadu.This facility of Mobile portability will be coming into action from 20th January 2011 in Tamilnadu.
Like, Step 3 for Mobile portabilityReply that SMS with selected mobile operator option .Step 4 for Mobile portabilityThe New mobile operator will get permissions from the old Mobile operator .

Once the permissions is granted the New Mobile Service provider will welcome you with a welcome message.

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