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We currently have a prepaid plan for our cell phone provider and it has worked out really well. I am glad to know that the Family Mobile Plan is also a good one just in case we need to switch.
I’m also a Christian, wife, home schooling mom of five, pro blogger, vlogger, and kid's YouTube video creator. I don’t have a smartphone currently so it would be nice to move up to one and knowing you can use a smartphone with the Family Mobile plan is great.
I’m truly impressed, and I think I may have found the best wireless plan for my family.
You may remember how in my last Mom Talk post, I shared my dislike for my current cell phone service provider.
A  Due to the format of the B of A email, and the copious amounts of "filler" statements they use; the series is a bit difficult to follow. A  I usually write correspondence to fit the lowest common denominator, but how low can one go?A  Although I'm willing to bet that if I reverted to primal grunts, and what could be considered a primitive, yet well understood gesture even in our modern world; that someone on the other side of the Banking Center counter might have their mind bulb flash, if only momentarily. Just thinking about my past experiences stirs up negative feelings towards my current provider. No Turning Back With 100% certainty, I will be switching to a new cell phone service provider once my contract is up at the beginning of 2014. I may switch even sooner because my husband was doing the math, and we may actually save money by canceling our current contract and going with the Family Mobile Plan, which will literally cut our monthly cell phone bill in half. And just yesterday, I found out that someone in our extended family has the Family Mobile plan.

After using the plan for the past month, I can report that we’ve had a completely positive experience. I didn’t experience any problems with the signal, dropped calls, internet service not working, nothing. I have a few of my portion of the email, as I cut and pasted it into my regular email service; don't know how they lost theirs.
They relate to the Merlin Teller, and how a fully paid balance of mine is being carried on their books as an outstanding balance on their system for months after I paid the account in full, probably sometime in October of 2007.
He has no issues with calls being dropped, and best of all, the price per minute to call Mexico can’t be beat. I was repeatedlyA  told this same information by various B of AA  staff that I spoke with in person, numerous times, in various locations, but I did not record the conversations and wish that I had. When first asked how and why they would do that; as it didn't sound logical or legal to me, I was informed by more than one staff person at more than one branch that it was expected to be carried for 16 to 19 Additional months!A  That is some kind of accounting system. A  That didn't sound accurate, as I was able to access the information on both the old 3732 account AND the new account until approximately January of 2008, and the phone rep I spoke who made arrangements for a balance transfer from another VISA Account I have at another bank for me on either April 3 or 4, 2008, said he would have copies of those 3732 statements mailed to me that day, at no charge to me.A  (I have received an envelope at my P. Box from B of A; I'll expect the contents are the account statements, but won't know for certain until they are forwarded to me.
A  Bank of America?A  I'm almost on their side for this particular incident; as I know that avoiding lawsuits and payouts is high on their priority list. Unless some staffer slipped up, yapped out my private account activity, and didn't take time to note it in my file.
So my dad called me up and asked it he could use my Concord Smartphone while he’s here in the United States. Would you be willing to switch to a new cell phone provider if it cut your monthly bill in half?

You can see my experience and how I got started with the Concord Smartphone and the Family Mobile plan here in my Google+ story.
Please do your employer a favor, and provide me with the written documentation that I have repeatedly requested.A  Thanks for your cooperation. Stockton: Please forward this email to someone up the ladder who can provide WRITTEN confirmation and information on who requested, and was provided, information on my Visa Card ending in 3732, activity in July or August of 2007. Rose, Good afternoon and thank you for contacting Bank of America in regards to account documentation. For B of A to be carrying its customers former credits and debits on their books for 16 plus months would be an accounting nightmare, in addition to being out of compliance with several Federal Banking Regulations.
Please adjust all records statingA A  any balance due on my past and present Visa accounts to reflect the current credit balance only.A  Also, please update day ph. A  But do note that when I asked him a specific question about them, he couldn't answer it. A  And he didn't volunteer any details on the account maintenance that he appeared to have access to.A A  A A  This message is not flagged. A Can you please provide me with your 16 digit credit card number so I can review your account? Gordon: The minimum payment is 1% of your balance and any finance charges and applicable fees. The system will not allow the rate to change until the cycle closes and a new cycle starts.

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