Details on pricing have not been announced yet, but an example was given with a 2-line family Value plan featuring unlimited nationwide minutes and texting together with 2 gigabytes of full speed data a€“ all of that for about $50 per line. True, I don't have unlimited minutes, but with the 10 Friends and Family, it might as well be.
I don't know when you made your contract with verizon, but family 1400 is 90 bucks plus 10 for one additional line. I personally think that they should do like they do with the voice minutes and offer limits during the daytime and offer unlimited interent after a certain time and on the weekend. That was a pretty solid reason for us to believe that something new was coming down the road bound to replace them.

With 3 smartphones, 1400 minutes shared, unlimited text and data, unlimited calling to 10 friends and family, the bill is only $160. I upgraded my wife's line on Verizon to a Droid Charge 4g and Verizon grandfathered her plan in AFTER the new tiered plans started.
Well, it seems like our assumptions were really onto something as the new T-Mobile Value plans have just been made official.Unlike the case was with the Even More Plus offerings, T-Mobile Value plans will be tied to a 2-year contract so bear that in mind if you are not much into commitment. Factor in my employer discount, and my total bill, even with full insurance on all three phones, is $175 per month. I will stay put with the plus plan I have with unlimited data as long as I can, and just be happy with my Vibrant running MIUI for now.

However, the purchase of a brand new smartphone is not necessary a€“ just bring your own handset and switch over to a Value plan of a caliber that suits you most. Nevertheless, if you have been thinking of getting a new phone anyway, Value plan users will be given the chance to grab a smartphone of their choice and pay it off without interest (down payment required).

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