Unlimited international calling applies only to dialing first 5 unique phone numbers, although on the home page, for the $59 plan, it still says unlimited international talk is for the first 10 numbers. Also a part of new Lycamobile service plans, besides LTE and MMS picture messaging, are nationwide area codes and using locked T-Mobile phones with Lycamobile service. With a slight delay, customers can now choose from eight new prepaid service plans, four national and four international plans.

Obviously, website is still in the process of updating to new plans and features since unlimited talk to first 10 numbers was part of the old $59 plan. Few users on Howard Forums have reported that they have confirmed with its Customers Service it’s still being available.
In order to get access to all these newly added features included in the new Lycamobile Plus plans, users need to switch to a new SIM, according to a Howard Forums user who received this message from Lycamobile: “Great News!

Users are also reporting that they are still being charged old 2 cents for voice minutes instead of new rate, 5 cents.

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