Thank you for the repair carried out on my iPhone and also the very fast turnaround , top job mate. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends and have kept all your details for future reference. Your service was brilliant, I was very impressed with the constant updates via email & phone and the price you charged me was very reasonable indeed. This has brought new life to an ailing phone, battery was dying after only a few hours, 20 months old!
DescriptionReviews (0)Mobile Phone Repair Training Courses are now available from GSMzone.Our course provides in-depth knowledge and hands on experience on how to repair Mobile Phones.
Our Mobile Phone Repair course will teach you everything needed to know about how to repair a mobile phone from a simple power button repair to touch screen repairs, LCD screen repairs, mic and speaker repairs to even water damage repairs.This is an ideal opportunity to start you own business at minimal costs. The courses are held at our purpose built training room within the GSMzone Office situated in Sheffield UK (just off J31 M1).
We also provide onsite training, we can come to you anywhere within the UK, all we need is an Internet connection and a mains socket. We normally conduct the courses mostly on weekends but special arrangements can be made for Monday - Friday bookings. Course prices are based on the knowledge ( level ) of the trainee but our standard minimum fee is ?100.00 per course per person.
Email us or Call us on 0114 2398088 ( 07866429365 ) to arrange a day to suit your requirements.
Mobile Phone Unlocking Training CourseMobile Phone Unlocking Training Courses are now available from GSMzone.

Prepaid and post-paid Mobile Phone connections will from this weekend be issued only after physical verification of subscribers, with police inquiry against those submitting forged documents. The Department of Telecommunications’ tougher guidelines that make telecom operators responsible for any inaccurate information provided by subscribers for both pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone connections will come into effect from November 9. Under the new rules, the authorised person selling SIM cards will have give an undertaking that he has seen the applicant and matched the photograph attached on the application form.
The retailer will also have to sign authenticating the documents submitted by the customer have been verified with original copies of proof of address and identity. Retailers and franchisee selling mobile SIM cards will have to register police complaint against subscribers if they submit forged documents to get mobile connections. The guidelines also make it mandatory for the licensee to sign the form prior to activation of the SIM card certifying the information provided on the form is correct. Telecom operators will also have to file First Information Report (FIR) against the franchisee or SIM seller if the SIM is sold against documents of any other subscriber or person without the owner of the document having any knowledge of it. Further, legal action will be taken against telecom operators for failing to act against the errant sellers and subscribers. Mobile Crane, Grader, Crawler Crane, Vibrating Roller, Hydra Crane, and Over Head Crane training institute Operating Courses. Maleshiya, Singapur,Saudi Arabia,Qatar, Dubai, Bahrin, Kuwit, Afganistan, Oman and Many Gulf Countries. This company was able to bring a phone back which i thought was gone for good, with a very reasonable price!
I have told my friends about your services and am sure if they need you you'll be the first person they will call!!

Please note that courses may take longer depending on the individual.What courses do we offer? There will be an additional cost to cover our travel expenses etc.When are the courses available? We can arrange times to suit your requirements and we require at least 3 days notice to arrange a course.What's the cost?
If for any reason you do require more than one person ( 4 people max ) to attend a course then we would charge an extra ?100.00 per person.
For this purpose, entry of date is to be made with the signature of subscriber at the time of filing of CAF,” the guidelines said. The emails and phonecalls i received with updates on the whole process were also a great help with allowing me to understand what was being done. So if you are a beginner or at an intermediate level we can tailor a course to suite your requirements.How long are the courses?
Payments must be paid in full before the training course begins.Please note that this is non refundable, you are booking our time and knowledge.

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