Washington - An Obama administration adviser says the White House believes smartphone and tablet users should be allowed to unlock their phones and use the devices on the network of their choosing. Edelman says the administration’s opinion on the matter also goes for tablets, since they are becoming similar to smartphones. He says the White House will work with the Federal Communications Commission to address the issue and will also support new legislation. Where did you learn English, some chasidishe place or some uber left public school?And, YES, I know what unlocking a phone means.
Please read the article before commenting on the issue.The "unlocking" being discussed "unlocks" a cell phone from the "lock" of the original service provider and allows the consumer to use the phone with service from an alternate service provider. The white House is not talking about locking one's personal devices with one's personal security codes. Unlock Your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII and use it with any GSM network Worldwide! You'll be free to choose the provider you want, rather than the one that's been imposed on you! Just imagine the SAVINGS you'll enjoy on roaming fees and long distance when using your cellphone overseas! Simply type in your Samsung Galaxy S3 unlock code following our simple entry instructions and your phone will be permenantly unlocked! We've been freeing cellphones since 2007, and have successfully unlocked over 250,000 cellphones every since! If there is no video here, we will give you a partial - full refund in return for a video of you unlocking your phone!

It is a common practice amongst mobile communications companies to lock mobile devices, so that use is limited to a certain provider. This application is able to remove the limitations imposed by mobile providers and to allow Samsung owners to benefit from all the features of their device. For instance, unlocking via cable can be done worldwide and is performed almost immediately, while the other method is available only in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South America and Asia (limited) and requires up to 24 hours to succeed. David Edelman, White House adviser on Internet, innovation and privacy, responded to a petition about the issue by saying the administration feels consumers should be allowed to unlock their phones without civil or criminal penalties, especially if the phones were purchased secondhand or as gifts. What is being proposed is to abolish the law that phone companies lock cell phones so that a person cannot use that phone with a different carrier.It wasn't that long ago that cell phone carriers had a policy, since made illegal, that a person couldn't transfer their cell number to another carrier. He clearly understands what unlocking is, you very obviously didn't (perhaps still don't as you are not that sharp) and just wouldn't admit it. It can perform the task by cable or by IMEI, which is a unique 15-digit number used to identify a mobile phone. As such, switching to another service is not possible unless an unlock operation is performed, which is possible via a code specific to the network provider. It works with an incredibly rich list of Samsung phones, ranging from older devices to the newest smartphone models.
Each of the methods comes with several advantages, as well as downsides and an informed decision can be made only after carefully analyzing the strong and the weak points.
The greatest advantage of the second method is that it may be done for all Samsung models, regardless if they are old or new. It doesnt mean you unlock a password protected phone, but using a manufacturer's code you can now use the phone on any GSM providor (unlock from provider).

There are two parts to the size of subsidy:1) They make you enter into 18-month or 24-month contract with them. You've already dug yourself a hole out of which you are having trouble climbing.Just grow up and admit you were clueless and get on with your life. Before performing the task, keep in mind that SIM lock removal usually voids phone warranty.
So if you're looking for a solution to make your Samsung phone useable with any service, you might have stumbled across the right application. Of course ATT, TMOBILE want this as they have invested in giving you a phone.But the ruling is a bad one. Admitting a mistake shouldn't be so difficult unless you have some deeply imbedded insecurities. 2) Another part is that the providers understand that a significant number of customers will not automatically upgrade their phones when the term of contract expires. Currently, if they wish to continue using the subsidized phone, they are still locked into their provider, generating additional revenues for them.
But should unlocking be legalized, the providers will calculate the amounts of money they are not going to recoup, which will inevitably result in significantly less generous subsidies, or, in other words, significantly more expensive devices.

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