IMAK Joy Series Folio Stand holder PU Design Filp Cover Protective Phone Case For Xiaomi 4 Miui M4 Mi4 Features: A. The photos only as the samples,showed what designs we have,don’t worry,we have the case you like,we can make for you.
Pls kindly note that, No tracking number for small orders(orders price < $20),cause it will increase your buying cost.
With the helping hand of our business associates we have been able to offer world class Nokia BL 5F Mobile Battery .
Battery Performance may vary depending on SIM card, network and phone settings and usage environment. Please note that all the submitted posts are moderated and it may take 3-5 business days for it to appear on the site. We are counted among the top suppliers and distributors of good quality Nokia BL 5CT Mobile Battery .
When you decide to (single), you must be in 1 to 3 days the mail platform, (the seller) will confirm the goods with you in together the time feeling, keep the first time-good communication, hope you (can) do, Thank you.

Please kindly provide your full name if you are from Russia,Or you will miss recieving your parcel.
Our associates manufacture these products in sophisticated manufacturing unit under the team of expert professionals. Please note that, as with all new batteries, will achieve full performance after two or three complete charge and discharge cycles.
These are highly appreciated batteries and demanded by our prestigious clients for their shock proof body, fast charging, minimum power consumption and durability. These batteries are precisely manufactured from ecofriendly raw materials under the supervision of expert professionals. These batteries are known for their fast charging, excellent performance, minimum power consumption and durability. Large buyers, customers can provide high-quality long-term price of service, email me.4) We will refund to you if the item is unexpectedly out of stock.
2) The project will be shipped in 2-5 working days, except weekends and statutory holidays, please allow 8-25 days delivery PLS.

Note: 1) The delivery time depends on your place and China or Hong Kong, and the customs of your country (or limit) the distance between the efficiency. 2) defective items must be reported, and the warranty period (in the original packaging back to us, if possible). 3) Under normal circumstances, within 24 hours we can respond to your e-mail, but if you e-mail to us, we have to reply in the order of the weekend, the following Monday, because it receives.
5) defective items must be reported, and the warranty period (in the original packaging back to us, if possible). We work hard to ensure that every customer 100% satisfaction, and for you to solve any problems.

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