Myth: Online-only banks are inconvenientIt's true that there are some conveniences traditional banks offer that online-only banks can't. Learn the latest trends that will help grow your portfolio, plus tips on investing strategies.
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In fact, the use of online-only banks has surged, thanks to their convenience, low fees and higher-than-average interest.An online bank is exactly what it sounds like.
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And with so many headline-grabbing data breaches in recent years, that fear is understandable.Data breaches are a problem that all banks, whether they're online-only or have a storefront, have to contend with. Some financial institutions may require, for example, you provide a password when you log on and a phone number that can receive text messages. If you need more than that for any given reason, it can be inconvenient because you can't just walk into a bank and talk to a teller.

The bank would send a text to that number when you attempt to make account changes.You should also research the bank's policies and customer reviews, the way you would with any bank.
However, some online banking users work around this by going into another bank's branch and asking for a cash advance on their online debit card. And unless you're regularly withdrawing large sums of money, this likely won't be an issue.advertisementRelated Links:Your bank is merging?

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