Be confident knowing you can connect with friends and family using the latest in 4G LTE and WiFi technology.
Track your data use by month and by session to ensure you stick within your data plan and allowance. Share your WiFi with others without sharing your password by creating a Guest WiFi network. With a battery that outlasts your laptop, and high-performance 4G LTE technology, you can count on the AT&T Unite Pro to keep you connected wherever you go.
Download drivers, software, firmware and documentation for your AirCard Mobile Broadband Device.
Visit our Knowledge Base to view answers to the most common questions and to send a request to our Technical Support team.
The AT&T Unite Pro is a powerhouse mobile hotspot suited for the most demanding road warriors. If you’re a traveler for business or leisure, the ATT Unite Pro 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot is a nice little friend to have along with you for the ride. This device would be invaluable on school trips or when students are away from the classroom and expected to create content, keep up with homework, and conduct online research.
Not only does the AT&T Unite Pro by NETGEAR help military families stay connected while away but it’s also great on road trips in the car to visit family back home.
Having a personal WiFi network connected with 4G LTE is quick, secure and eliminates the need to pay hotels for an unsecure connection.

This has given my life a boost for sure with the WiFi to keep me connected and BatteryBoost to refuel my smartphone.
If you’re looking for a great on the go internet option that’s MUCH more reliable than just rigging up your phone as a hotspot, I HIGHLY suggest grabbing an AT&T Unite Pro by NETGEAR Mobile Hotspot!
I had several meetings lined up and of course the hotels were not offering wifi in the conference rooms, but did offer an extremely slow version in the lobby. Users can connect to the latest LTE networks; use as an alternative to home broadband connection. Extremely simple and intuitive out of the box experience requiring no software installation. While at the conference I used the mobile hotspot the entire time, so I had a reliable and secure connection. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This powerful device will last up to 16 hours and will even give your smartphone a boost when it’s low on battery. Data usage is visible directly from the touchscreen or through the AirCard App which is a complimentary download for smartphones and tablets. This complimentary app from NETGEAR is available for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Android® smartphones and tablets.
View your connection, settings, and data usage from the convenience of your mobile app, tablet or smartphone.

Get a quick overview of how to increase efficiency, save money, and have a better mobile hotspot experience. The Unite Pro is small, fits in your pocket and once you turn it on, there’s minimal need to even look at it throughout your travels. Operating all aspects of the Unite Pro was easy with its color touchscreen and simple layout. I never had to worry about the dangers of public WiFi or the painfully slow internet for which hotels are notorious.
The intuitive color touchscreen lets you view data usage, update WiFi passwords, manage WiFi devices, and more.
The service is reliable and very handy for when you’re in transit or staying in places where you might not have the best speeds or internet access at all. I whipped out my wifi hotspot device, powered it up and was speeding through my emails, keeping up with social media and more.

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