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Inspired by the fact I am bored and was just looking at how much phones have advanced in the lst ten years, what was the first mobile phone you owned and was it any good?Mine was the Sony CMD J6I thought Wap was great at the time and the jog dial at the side was a really handy way to scroll through your contacts. I got a good bonus in 1994 and splurged on a Nokia 2140 (pictured right)The only thing it didn't have that I use today was T9 predictive text, but that didn't matter as I didn't know anyone I could send messages to.It was a good weight (if someone tried to steal it you could really clobber them with it) and the buttons were man-sized. I can't remember the exact name of it, but it was a sleek little stylish number from Sagem. Phillips Savvy on BTCellnet, although it wasn't BTCellnet, I think it had another name u-something or other.

Cuban Mistletoe Crisis wrote:Birthday present that was stolen when it dropped out of my pocket without me knowing. What was that flash one from the Matrix that everybody wanted because of it's gimmicky spring loaded sliding cover? IRON NAN wrote:What was that flash one from the Matrix that everybody wanted because of it's gimmicky spring loaded sliding cover? I loved that phone because I could call 1 number for free and text premium text lines without getting charged.
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I remember being embarrassed taking it out (of the large bag I had to carry around in) when I had to make a call.

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